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Past Seminars

Promotion Materials

Click below to download the CCL leaflets of previous Academic Years (PDF format).

CCL Leaflet 2018-19 back pageCCL leaflet 2018-19 (Part 2)
CCL Leaflet 2017-18 Page 1-5CCL leaflet 2017-18 (Part 1)
CCL Leaflet 2017-18 Page 6-10CCL leaflet 2017-18 (Part 2)
CCL Leaflet 2016-17 Page 1-5CCL leaflet 2016-17 (Part 1)
CCL Leaflet 2016-17 Page 6-10CCL leaflet 2016-17 (Part 2)


Past Seminar Recordings


View past seminars on HKBUtube, HKBU Library (search by Author/creator contains Office of Student Affairs or Author/creator contains 學生事務處).