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Co-curricular Learning


This is a block-out timeslot for you to freely attend any CCL programmes or events, organised by the Office of Student Affairs, departments, units or offices, at your own choice and interests, so there is no designated location for this class.


Some CCL events require registration while some do not. For those that need registration, please enrol in the events according to the instruction specified by the organiser. Such instruction can be found under each CCL event's details page. You may also refer to the “How to Register” page on CCL website for details.


Some events do not need registration. For those that require registration, the organiser has the final decision whether to accept walk-ins and/or take their attendance after considering the venue, quota, nature or the arrangement of the event. You are strongly recommended to register for such events to secure your seat.


You can review your CCL requirement, fulfilment status or attendance record on the Student Learning Experience System (SLES) under "My Record". CCL activity attendance is usually not immediate. Please allow 10 working days for updates after the event or 2 to 3 weeks in the case of the Online Self-learning activities organized by respective offices, the CCL record is usually updated bi-monthly and may take 2 to 3 weeks to show.


Student Learning Experience System (SLES) is a platform for managing your co- and extra-curricular activities, including the records of your CCL fulfilment and participation in CCL-recognised events. Students may log in the SLES with your Student ID and password by single sign-on. View more about the SLES. For technical support in using the SLES, please contact the Service Call Centre of Office of Information Technology (ITO) at 3411 7899 or


Please contact the organiser for any updates or correction. The contact person or method can be found in the event details of the respective event on CCL website. In the case of eCourses organised by Counselling and Development Centre (CDC), Office of Student Affairs (SA) and other online modules, the CCL record is usually updated bi-monthly and may take 2 to 3 weeks to show.

Some organisers may have specific requirement for counting CCL attendance, e.g. student participants are required to register in advance, CCL attendance would not be counted if the student is required by an academic course to attend the CCL-recognised event, etc. Please contact the organiser of the event for more details.


No. You may also attend any activity or event organised by other departments and offices which has been recognised as CCL (also known as “CCL-recognised” activities) to fulfil your CCL requirement.


Yes, but not as many as in the semester time. You are strongly recommended to join the CCL events during term teaching time so as to fulfil the CCL requirement on time.


For all freshmen, you will need to complete at least 8 CCL items by the end of the 4th semester of your studies at HKBU. Senior-year intake students may have different requirements. Please refer to the “Requirement” page on CCL website or the University Life (U-Life) Programme webpage for details.


If your CCL requirement is still not fulfilled after the deadline, you will be barred from access to course grades, registration for courses, and adding/dropping courses during the App/Drop Period until you complete sufficient CCL activities.

Any request for extension of deadline is usually not entertained.


Yes, CCL unit is counted when you successfully completed a CCL activity, regardless of your CCL deadline. 

If you are still short of CCL unit(s) when the deadline is near or just passed, please do not hesitate to join enough CCL activities to fulfil the requirement as soon as possible.


There may be specific rules in CCL unit calculation for some of the CCL events, such as Convocation and Honorary University Fellowship Conferment Ceremony, Athletic Meet, Aquatic Meet, Library Learning Events, eCourses provided by Counselling and Development Centre, etc. Please refer to the Notes in the page of CCL Record for details.


The designated period to complete the CCL requirement will be extended accordingly to cover the semester(s) of your exchange.

For example, if you are admitted to HKBU as a freshman in a 4-year programme (i.e. the deadline for CCL completion should be the end of the second semester of the second year of study) and you will go on an exchange during the first semester of your second year, you will need to complete the CCL requirement by the end of the first semester of your third year.

Nevertheless, you are suggested to complete the requirement at your earliest convenience.


No. CCL attendance is cumulative until your graduation. Yet you are strongly recommended to fulfil the CCL requirement on time so as to avoid any delay in pre-registration for courses or graduation.


Yes, you are welcome to join as many CCL events as you like, and students from any year and major are welcome to register for CCL events.


Yes, you are welcome to join CCL events though you have no CCL requirement.