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  • Green Living

    Green Quest Seminar Series 2018

    08 FEB - 22 MAR 2018
    Green Quest Seminar Series 2018

    The Undergraduate Halls believe GREEN is a living style in striving for balance and aiming for sustainability.  Through seminar series on topics like Green Living, Sustainability and Urban Planning by professional speakers, students will gain deeper understanding to the green challenges and how the green effort could be enhanced further in Hong Kong and at the HKBU.

    Students from all study majors are welcomed!

    Seminar 1
    Green Urban Design and Sustainable Lifestyle in our Next Generation New Town (8 Feb 2018)
    Seminar 2
    “NO Is Not Enough”- Explores Sustainable Living in Practice (1 Mar 2018)
    Seminar 3
    The Interplay of Architecture and People (22 Mar 2018)
    Time, Venue
    19:30-21:00, G9 Undergraduate Halls
    Application Deadline
    6 Feb (Seminar 1), 27 Feb (Seminar 2) and 20 Mar (Seminar 3)
  • Accommodation

    [UG] Fire Drill (in the week of 22 Jan 2018)

    22 - 26 JAN 2018

    The Undergraduate Halls Team is scheduling a Fire Drill in one evening between 22 and 26 Jan 2018. For your own safety, please take the fire drill seriously. If you are in the Halls (including BU fiesta or common/ outdoor areas) when the fire alarm rings or light flash continuously, you should act immediately according to the instructions.

  • Cultural Awareness

    [UG] Cultural Experience Award Spring Semester, 2017-18 (CEA)

    29 DEC 2017 - 31 JAN 2018
    [UG] Cultural Experience Award Spring Semester, 2017-18 (CEA)

    To encourage cultural exchange and appreciation, the Cultural Experience Award (CEA) creates an exchange platform for students from different cultural backgrounds to showcase their unique cultures, experiences and skills through programs designed on their own.  Past programs delivered by our student talents include language class, cooking competition, yoga learning, art appreciation, etc.

    Programme Period
    Jan - Mar 2018
    Undergraduate Halls
    Application Deadline
    22 Jan 2018, 1pm
  • Community Engagement

    [UG] Community Engagement Organizers - Elderly Care Programme

    28 DEC 2017 - 09 FEB 2018
    [UG] Community Engagement Organizers - Elderly Care Programme

    Have you ever thought of serving the elderly in need in the neighboring community with the talents and gifts you have? In Hong Kong today, more than 120,000 elderly who are aged 65 or above live alone and many of them are socially inactive due to multiple reasons including physical and mental health conditions. Here in the Student Residence Hall, we have a burden to serve the community and we would like to partner with you all in making a difference.


    Jan - Apr 2018
    Application Deadline
    31 January 2018, 5pm
  • Others

    [UG] Christmas Greetings from Hall Life Team

    15 DEC 2017 - 15 JAN 2018
    [UG] Christmas Greetings from Hall Life Team

    Greetings of the Season & Best Wishes for the New Year!

    Thanks for being part of hall life.  Check out the highlights of Hall Life Programs in Semester 1 and upcoming ones in Semester 2 (CLICK HERE).  We look forward to seeing you in 2018!