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eWPDI System

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Easy online administration and scoring

The web-based system of WPDI provides a platform for conducting the survey online, calculating WPDI factor scores, and generating student personal profile.  The web-based questionnaire is consisted of 111 WPDI question items and five items from a social desirability test.  On the web-based system, a survey can be set to offer either “English Only” or “Chinese Only” or “English or Chinese” to test takers.  The language option should be predefined before conducting each survey on web.

Real time individual student report with detailed interpretation

Test takers are required to login onto the system and follow the instructions on the screen to complete the questionnaire.  Upon completion of all question items, a personal WPDI profile (eProfile) will be readily available.

For HKBU students, please go to BU eWPDI system to complete the WPDI survey or review your WPDI eProfile.

For students from other designated institutions, the eligible students will receive an invitation email. Please feel free to contact us for any further enquiry.