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Applications and Services




WPDI is a tool for different levels of usage:




Individual Level

  • Student's Self-understanding
    Student can easily log-in to the eWPDI online system to take the test and obtain a real-time individual eProfile instantaneously. The eProfile lists out student's scores in the 15 factors with interpretation.
log insample


eWPDI sign up page                                                                                                                       Individual WPDI eProfil sample page

  • Personal Growth Coaching & Mentoring
    The eProfile allows mentor or counsellor to have an overview of student's development and facilities discussion on goal-setting.
ASASIndividual WPDI eProfile sample page (result chart)
  • Programme Planning and Evaluation
    Data collected through eWPDI will be returned to your university, so you may conduct further analysis, e.g. comparing WPDI data collected at entry and exit points of a programme to shed light on programme effectiveness and future direction.

wee Sample result of WPDI longitudinal study

  • WPD Related Research
    Apart from using eWPDI, researchers may request WPDI question items to formulate further WPD related research, to gain a more in-depth understanding on the relationship between student's development and other elements.
erdSample result of group comparision study on WPDI




HKBU’s WPDI services include eWPDI service (i.e. online survey or/and eProfile) and free access of WPDI questions for research. The price of eWPDI is HK$20 for each test which includes online test administration, scoring and reporting (individual student’s eProfile) on the eWPDI system.

Please submit a Request Form to Counselling and Development Centre to request the eWPDI service or to obtain permission to use the WPDI items for your research.

The administrator’s manual of Whole Person Development Inventory will be available for users of eWPDI service with student's WPDI eProfile.

Users of eWPDI Service

Since 2016, many institutions have been using WPDI for their students and/or research projects.  Our users are listed below.
eWPDI services (online survey or WPDI eProfile) have been provided to the following tertiary institutions:
1. Student Development and Campus Service, Hang Seng Management College, Hong Kong
2. Student Services Centre, Lingnan University
3. Office of Student Affairs, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
4. Student Affairs Office, The Education University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
5. CEDARS-COPE, The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
WPDI items have been provided to researchers of the below tertiary institutions for research purpose:
Hong Kong
1. Lingnan University
2. The Chinese University of Hong Kong
3. The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

1.The University of Macau

Mainland China
1.Southwest University of Science and Technology, Sichuan Province
2.University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, Sichuan Province

1.Fu Jen Catholic University
2.Kaohsiung Medical University
3.National Taiwan University
4.Tong Hai University