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Past Events

Host families meet students at Tea Reception

Host Family Programme Tea Reception

In every September, the host families and students meet with each other for the first time at the “Host Family Programme Tea Reception" held on campus.  Senior management team members of the University will attend as the officiating guests of the kick-off ceremony to welcome all host families and students. After the ceremony, the participants can enjoy the refreshment while getting to know each other. Some experienced host families will also have invited their students of former years to the Tea Reception. These former student participants will greet the new students together with the families and become the “big brothers and sisters”.

Over the years, the number of participants of the Tea Reception has grown from dozens in 2003 to more than 200 in recent years.  In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic led to changes in the Host Family Programme.  Many students stayed in their hometown and the Tea Reception was cancelled.  Instead, messaging groups were set up and the first video meetings for host families and students were arranged.  The host families and students greeted each other, and the students learned about the situation in Hong Kong from their host family.   This helped the students to plan for their impending arrival at Hong Kong. Host families became their students’ mentors and helped them to adapt to the new life in Hong Kong.

The "Host Family Programme Kick-off Ceremony cum first meeting 2022-23" will be held at HKBU on 17 September 2022. For more details, please refer to “Programme Details”.

A Day at Tai O

“A Day at Tai O” is usually organised in late September for the participants to enjoy a day together and get to know each other.  Transportation from BU campus to Tai O will be arranged by the University and the participants can enjoy the free time at Tai O.

What can host families and students do at Tai O?

Hong Kong was a little fishing village once upon a time and Tai O is the most famous fishing village remaining.  Nowadays, many indigenous residents of Tai O still live in the traditional Pang Uk on the water.

If you like hiking, you can climb up Fu Shan. The route is short and easy and should be manageable even by those who rarely hike.

Tai O

If you like photography, do not miss the scenic spots in Tai O, such as Tai O Promenade, Pang Uk, the mangroves forest, Tai Chung Bridge, sunset at Fu Shan and so on.

If you like eating, you can taste a variety of snacks on Wing On Street, such as egg waffles, grilled squid, curry fish balls, etc.

Not only can the host families and students spend a relaxing day at Tai O, the students will also discover and experience the nature side of Hong Kong – a lesser known facet of this bustling city.

“A Day at Tai O 2022-23” will be held on 1 October 2022. Participants who are interested please register in the "Host Family Programme Kick-off Ceremony cum first meeting".

CNY Fun Day

The Chinese New Year of Hong Kong is a time filled with joy and happiness that the non-local students should not miss.  In view of this, the "CNY Fun Day" is organised annually so that the host families and students can experience and celebrate this festive season together.  International students can also learn more about and experience some Chinese New Year customs in Hong Kong.

"CNY Fun Day" is an event that combines sports and party celebration.  Those who want to work out or have some fun can come play badminton in the HKBU Sport Centre.  Others can join the party later.  There will be Chinese New Year music, traditional food such as glutinous rice balls and Fai Chun writing.  It is time to exchange Chinese New Year greetings, chit-chat and meet new friends!

Writing Fai Chun Playing badminton