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[UG] Community Engagement Organisers (CEOs) Internship Programme on Brain Health in Positive Ageing

Knowledge Enhancement
[UG] Community Engagement Organisers (CEOs) Internship Programme on Brain Health in Positive Ageing
25 JAN 2021 | 30 APR 2021
Jan - Apr
Information Session
12 Jan 2021, 12:00 noon - 12:30 pm (TUE)
Application Deadline
19 Jan 2021, 4:00 pm (TUE)

Community Engagement Organisers (CEOs):
Internship Programme on Brain Health in Positive Ageing

Supervised by Jockey Club Centre for Positive Ageing (賽馬會耆智園)

In contemporary society, physical health is not the only concern but also brain health. We cannot avoid getting old but we can live positively if there is a proper support for people with cognitive impairment.

In this internship programme, participants will be trained to host post-diagnostic support and self-management sessions to elderly with mild dementia (輕度認知障礙及早期腦退化症人士自我管理小組), under the supervision of specialists from the Jockey Club Centre for Positive Ageing. The programme is tailor-made for HKBU undergraduate students, priority to UGH residents.

Programme Design and Schedule:
1.      4-session Online Training #: 

         23 Feb, 25 Feb, 2 Mar and 4 Mar 2021 (7 pm- 9 pm)

2.      8- session Online Post-Diagnostic Support and Intervention in Mild Dementia Care for service recipients #:
         Feb to Apr 2021 (timetable to be discussed with supervisors)

3.      On-the-job evaluation and completion debriefing with supervisors: 
         To be arranged with supervisors

Deposit:  $500 (refundable after completion of internship)
Allowance:  The internship is sponsored by the Subsidised Internship Scheme. A lump-sum allowance of $750 and a certificate will be granted to the participants completed the internship with satisfactory performance.   
Eligibility:  Open to all UG students, with priority to Halls residents. No prior skills or backgrounds is required.
Major Medium of Instruction:  Cantonese (participants are required to master basic level of Cantonese speaking and listening)
Application Deadline:  19 Jan 2021, 4 pm
Online Selection Interview:  21 – 22 Jan 2021
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Participants interested to the programme are highly recommended to attend the information and briefing sessions:
1. Online Information Session: 12 Jan 2021, 12nn-12:30pm HERE

2. Online Briefing Session and Seminar on Brain Health in the Ageing - Importance of Post-diagnostic Support and Self-management Programme for People with Cognitive Impairment (CCL-recognised): 18 Jan 2021 HERE

# To know more about the internship:
1.      What you will learn in the 4 Online Training Sessions:
An extensive range of topics covering introduction to dementia and brain health, post-diagnostic support, demonstration on practical interventions etc.

2.      What you will be doing in the 8 Online Post-Diagnostic Support and Intervention in Mild Dementia Care Sessions:
2 students will work together to provide a series of online sessions to the assigned elderly. A set of intervention materials and tools designed by the centre will be available to facilitate your delivery on topics including diet for brain health, technology and exercises etc. 

3.      Why should you join it!
Everyone will get old and face a decline in cognition. Why not learn more about the support and intervention available, for yourselves and for your loved one.