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Waste Recycling Campaign (Semester 2, 2016-17)

Green Living
10 MAY - 15 JUN 2017

As the checkout period is drawing near, you may wonder how to deal with your unwanted items.  Have you thought of donating the recyclables to
NGOs? The UG Halls is launching a Waste Recycling Campaign:

Collection Period: 10 May – 15 June 2017

Collection Points: Recycling Cages (Opposite to the Entrances of South & North Towers)

Collectable Items: Clothes, Shoes, Plush Toys, Bed Sheet, Bags
( They will be sorted and shipped to the Southeast Asia for reuse; or be transformed into industrial rags or working gloves by the Conservancy Association.)

Your Next Step to be a Green Citizen: Apart from the abovementioned items, you may drop used books to the counter of “Give & Take” Book Exchange at Level 3, AAB Podium.  For other recyclable waste, you may drop them into the 3-color recycling bins in and outside of the Halls, brown for plastic bottles, yellow for aluminum can and blue for waste paper. 

Before you make a drop-off, always make sure to 
1.      Confirm items are clean
2.      Remove all packaging
3.      Check for personal belongings of any kind

By recycling, you save our Earth and help the needy in our society.

10 May - 15 Jun 2017
Recycling Cages (Opposite to the Entrances of South & North Towers)
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