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[UG] Virtual Glocal Culture Orienteering「義地連線」文化定向遊

Social & Team Building
29 DEC 2021 - 04 JAN 2022

Virtual Glocal Culture Orienteering「義地連線」文化定向遊
Co-organised by HKBU Undergraduate Halls and VolTra.

Would you like to “travel” to different countries and explore unknown cultures during the semester break?
Here is a chance to meet overseas youths from Laos, Indonesia, Korea, Japan, Sri Lanka etcin 1 week and team-up to complete cultural exploration challenges! The best way to see the world under the pandemic and be connected to the global community through participating in fun online games with new friends.
Join us to explore the unique culture from different countries and work together on projects echoing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals in this winter semester break! 
Open to all HKBU UG students, priority to Halls residents.

Programme Design and Schedule:
1) Intercultural Kick-off Session (29 December 2021, 15:00-17:00)
2) International Mission Challenge on Sustainable Development Goals (29 December 2021 - 4 January 2022)#
3) Virtual Intercultural Festival (4 January 2022, 15:00-17:00)
Deposit:  HK$ 500 (Fully refundable upon full completion)
Quota:  20 HKBU students*
Award:  HKBU students from the Top 3 groups will be awarded with a quota to a unique Local Tour Experience arranged by VolTra AND a certificate will be provided on successful completion of the programme and the evaluation surveys.

Application Deadline:  18 November 2021, 3pm
Online Selection Interview:  24-25 November 2021
Registration HERE
Enquiries: or 3411 2672

* Successful applicants will receive an invitation email for interview on 18 November 2021.

# Students will team up with overseas participants and accomplish collaborative missions. As the participants may be coming from different time zone, the team members can discuss and agree among themselves on the timeline on completing the missions.

Sharing from participants of last year:
… I am now more confident to air my opinion in English as the core of communication is not about grammar or pronunciation, is to simply share our own views and listen to other. … my groupmates are willing to chat with me and not keep on judging my spelling or some minor mistakes. I have learnt that the only way to become more confident in using English is to keep using it, keep communicating in English, and of course, don't be afraid to speak English.

… I have gradually learned how to communicate with people of different personalities. During the task, I also realized the importance of leadership. How to choose an appropriate way for a group of strangers to cooperate to complete a goal is also worth learning and continuing discussion…

… First, in terms of personality, I think I have become more cheerful. I started to take the initiative to communicate with others and express kindness, instead of waiting for others to take the initiative to talk to me as before… Secondly, this project expanded my horizons. From dancing in Indonesia, to Christmas celebrations in Spain, to misunderstandings in Russia, etc., all of these amazed me. The world is big, I really want to see it. Finally, I have another passion for the world and my life. I want to see the world, understand the local culture, and see if this place is so charming and so desirable…

Online Platform
Application Deadline
18 November 2021, 3pm (Thursday)
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