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[UG] Summer Hall Activities

Whole Person Development
11 - 30 JUN 2021
leather craft workshop


1. Leather Craft Workshop 樂。在手縫。樂。在生活

Experience leather DIY stitching and make your own leather coin purse.

Date:   24 June 2021 
Time:   7:00pm - 9:30pm  
Platform:   Zoom 
Programme Fee:   HK$80  (Inclusive of materials required for a DIY leather coin purse) 
Medium of instruction:  English
Speaker:   Ms. Fanny LEUNG
Fanny is a graduate of HKBU BBA(HRM). She is a co-founder of LokaLeather Art Studio ( and a full- time leather craft artist for 5 years.

Quota:   15 (FIRST-COME FIRST-SERVED), UGH residents of 2020/21 are welcome, priority to current summer hall residents.
Registration:   HERE (Extended Deadline : 11 June 2021)

1- Eligible applicants will receive an email on the payment of the programme fee, only applicants paid the full fee on time and with the confirmation from the Hall Life Team are considered successful on the application.
2- Once you made the payment and received our confirmation, a quota of the workshop has already been reserved for you.  As quota is limited, please reserve your schedule immediately.  If you do not show up in the workshop, the Undergraduate Halls reserves the right to charge you the full fee of the workshop (i.e. HK$450).

Yoga and Meditation for Beginners


2. Yoga and Meditation for Beginners  瑜珈冥想101 

In this class, the basic and foundation yoga postures are practiced to bring movements to the body.  Simple breathing exercises and different meditation techniques will be introduced.  You can expect feeling grounded and calm after the class.  A nourishment for your mind and body.

Date and Time:  15 , 22, 29 June 7:30- 8:30 pm (Tuesdays) 
Venue:   G9 (Face- to- face class, all health precautionary measures should be straightly adopted) 
Deposit:   $300 (refundable upon 60% attendance) 
Medium of instruction:   English
Speaker:   Ms. Cheryl YUNG
Cheryl is a yoga instructor and dance meditation facilitator.  Yoga relieved her from scoliosis back pain in the beginning.  She is then aware and empowered by the healing attributes of yoga with the grown awareness in physical and emotional body. 
Cheryl believes everyone can benefit from yoga and mindfulness practice, and to find peace and joy from within.  She intends to live life fully as true to herself as possible, focus on the positives, and to be of service.  She enjoys having meaningful conversations on self-improvement and spiritual growth.
Cheryl is a HKBU graduate and a Hall Advisor of the Undergraduate Halls.

Quota:   12 (FIRST-COME FIRST-SERVED), UGH residents of 2020/21 are welcome, priority to current summer hall residents.
Registration:   HERE (Deadline:  1 June 2021)

Remark: Participants are required to prepare their own Yoga mat, comfortable clothes and a small towel. 

resident Initiative Award (summer)


3. Resident Initiative Award for Summer 

Organise your own activities that promote the development dimensions of Hall Life Education for summer hall residents.   The development dimensions are Residents’ Bondedness, Community Engagement, Personal Enrichment and Green & Health Mindfulness. (For details of the four dimensions:  Successful applicants can receive up to HK$5,000 to run the activity. Open to current summer hall residents only. 

All activities should straightly follow all the health precautionary measures and policies imposed by the HKSAR government.

Date:   now till 30 June 2021
Venue:   on or off- campus 
Programme Details:   click here (note: same terms as the RIA during term time, except the application period is being extended)
Registration:   HERE (Deadline:   21 June 2021) 



4. Green Quester Herbarium Application 浮游花創作

Be kind to yourself.  Make your own unique Herbarium pen and enjoy your ME time writing and drawing with it. UGH residents of 2020/21 are welcome, priority to current summer hall residents.

Date & Time:   16 June 2021 (Wednesday), 8:00 pm - 8:45 pm
Format:   Zoom
Programme Fee:   Free of charge
Medium of instruction:   English
Speakers:   Green Questers, student ambassadors promoting green lifestyle to residents. 

Registration:   HERE (Deadline: 11 June 2021)

Participants are required to register first then pick up the materials from the Office of Hall Life Team (S1902) before the event during office hours (weekday 9:00 am - 6:00 pm, except 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm lunch break).  If you were unable to pick up on time, we may consider your withdrawal and the quota will be given to students on the waiting list.

The event is brought to you by Green Questers, student ambassadors promoting green lifestyle to residents.  Follow and Like us on IG and Facebook for green-living tips that help you lead a thriving hall life.
IG: @greenquest.hkbu.hall
FB: @greenquesthkbu