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Joint University Research on Residential Education (Join the Focus Group and Survey for cash coupons!)

04 MAR - 30 APR 2019

'Strengthening the alignment of residential education and university educational aims' is a collaborative project between universities from Hong Kong, Singapore, the United Kingdom and the United States.  The project is inviting HKBU students who are now living or have lived in halls to participate in a research study. The result of the study will help enhancing our understanding on students’ view of our current hall aims and how they align with our university aims.

1. Focus Group Interview 
*Duration: 45 minutes with a group of 2-4 with other current / past hall residents
*Date and Time: 18-26 March 2019 (you may check the registration link for the time)
*Venue: Room 115, Undergraduate Halls
*Registration Link: CLICK HERE
*Incentive: $50 Supermarket Coupon

2. Online survey
*Duration: 10 minutes
*Date: Before 30 April 2019 
*Link to Survey: CLICK HERE
*Incentive: $20 Pacific coffee e-voucher for successful submission