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Hall Tutor (HT) Recruitment 2017-18 (Application Deadline Extended to 24 Mar 2017)

06 FEB - 24 MAR 2017
Are you ready to serve as a hall tutor to the students of the Undergraduate Halls and make a difference in your university life? The Hall Tutors (HT) 2017-18 is open for application!

A.       Information Session

To know more about the role and requirement of being a HT, you may click HERE to enroll for the Information Session (please choose to attend either one):
15 Feb 2017 (Wed) & 21 Feb 2017 (Tue)
Room G9, Reverend James Mau Memorial Chapel, Student Residence Halls

B.      HT Application
Online Application and Details to the Recruitment and Training Schedule: Click HERE.

Application deadline: 24 March 2017 (Friday), 6pm

Application Period
6 Feb - 10 Mar 2017
Application Deadline
24 Mar 2017, 6pm
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