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Outward Bound Training

Discover Who You Are
Challenge Yourself
Unleash Your Potential

Outward Bound Photo

Sponsored by the Providence Foundation, the Outward Bound Training was organized in 2017 summer.  Conducted by the Hong Kong Outward Bound School, the programme was providing a 7-day sea kayaking, hiking and sailing courses that feature rock climbing or high ropes course activities.  This adventure-based experiential programme will offer you a live-changing experience which lead to self-challenge and discovery. 

Feedback from former participants:

Participants enjoyed the training

“It is a worthy, life changing and unforgettable journey in my life”
“I have found that I really enjoy exploring the nature especially sailing on the sea which was extremely romantic"
“The training program provided me a golden chance to reposition myself”
“It gave me a valuable opportunity to evaluate my personal potential ability, and tell me that I can go farther than I can imagine”
“I gained positive energy and inspiration from the instructors”

Ms Verona Lau
Contact: 3411 5023