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Learning Support

The University strives to build up an integration and embracing learning environment. It provides a various types of learning support services responding to the diversity of learners.


Based on students' diverse needs, special assessment and examination accommodations can be arranged, including but not limited to the followings:


Assessment and Examination Accommodations

  • Extra time allowance
  • Breaks during examinations
  • Special seating
  • Examinations in special room or separate room
  • Allow for use of special equipment and technological aids
  • Different formats or substitution of assessment
  • Enlarged word size on question papers
  • Braille question papers


Guidance and advice from Academic Advisor
An Academic Advisor is supporting the students to manoeuvre their study and explore their career interests. In general, a new registered student with SEN will be guided by a dedicated advisor to help them plan for the study. The Academic Advisor will continue providing in-depth and personal assistance. Students also need to take an active role in informing the Academic Advisor of his/her needs and collaborating with the Advisor to ensure effective arrangements could be made.
Special accommodation for the Healthy Lifestyle courses
For students with disabilities and/or special educational needs who would need special arrangements for the Healthy Lifestyle courses, please fill in the application form and submit to the General Education Office (GEO) at AAB805 in person before the pre-registration period of the coming semester. GEO will forward the application to the relevant course offering department(s) and offices for further arrangements. For enquiries, please contact Miss Hazel Chow at 3411 2014.

Special Library Support 

USSEN collaborates with the Libraries to provide special support and facilities to students with special educational needs. A Special Needs User Room is located on Level 4 of the Main Library for eligible registered students with SEN. The room is accessible during Library opening hours.
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Avision document scanner with auto sheet feeder

Avision document scanner with an auto sheet feeder



The Shek Mun Campus Library also provides a Special Needs User Room for the use by users with specific needs.
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Special Needs User Room for the visually impaired