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Sharing of Fund Recipients - LAM Ho Wai Ivan


LAM Ho Wai Ivan; Bachelor of Social Work (Hons.) 

I am so grateful that I can receive the HKBU Alumni Gratitude Fund (AGF). It supported me to undergo an updated professional assessment report service. During the assessment, the registered educational psychologist (EP) provided four parts of the professional services with details as follows:

  • Screening
  • Tool adaption in reading and writing tests
  • Computerised ADHD test diagnostic system
  • Intelligence quotient tests

I am delighted with this professional assessment service. In addition, the fund allows me to update the diagnostic report, which helps me understand what academic adjustments I need to facilitate my learning. Finally, I wish to say a “big thank you” to HKBU alumni who pledged a gorgeous donation in supporting us in the use of professional services and enhance our university life experience.

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