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Sharing of Grant Recipients - LAU Batis


LAU Batis; Bachelor of Chinese Medicine and Bachelor
of Science in Biomedical Science (Y2) 

In these three months, I have fully finished the 13-lesson Advanced Classical Guitar Course with actual improvement. I have learned the advanced skills to play three songs, BWV 997 Gigue by J.S. Bach, Romanze by Niccolò Paganini, Op.69 Homenaje a Tárrega II Soleares by Joaquin Turina. Although I have finally learned the skills to play the songs, I need to practice more to sharpen my skills to reach my target: pass the Grade 8 ABRSM exam of the guitar. I have learnt more about the guitar, under the teaching of my teacher, Mr Frog Chan. Really “learning through practise” and “practice makes perfect”. I am very proud of myself for learning how to play three grade-8-songs just in three months.

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