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Sharing of Fund Recipients - TANG Tik Man Cathy


TANG Tik Man Cathy; Bachelor of Arts in Translation (Y2) 

I am writing to share the acupuncture treatments I received over the past few months. My family has borne the cost of my medical treatment for almost 10 years since I have a degenerative disease. I am very pleased to receive the fund for my medical treatments and lessen my family's financial burden. The purpose of having acupuncture is to improve and stabilise my physical condition to prevent it from worsening. I am grateful that the outcome was achieved as my mobility has been enhanced. I started to walk less laboriously and steadily with the company of my family and friends as I depended on a wheelchair heavily in the past. Furthermore, acupuncture facilitates my blood circulation and decreases my degrees of tiredness considerably. As a result, I can participate in different extra-curricular activities, such as volunteering. My academic results get improved as I can concentrate on my study. The acquired service helps improved my oral muscles, so I would not choke as often as I did and express myself even better in class and outside the classroom. 

In the future, I hope to improve my mobility sustainably and no longer be a wheelchair user one day. I believe that the road to recovery is long as I have a chronic disease. My family and I walked on this path alone in the past. However, I think this fund could not let us feel alone anymore, and some assistive services would be ready for us. The fund means a lot to us. 

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