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Sharing of Fund Recipients - YU Chung Man Janice


The HKBU Alumni Gratitude Fund (AGF) is awarded to providing financial assistance to SSEN students for their study and learning. For me, the fund allows me to do a wholesome and professional assessment of my well-being for my learning disabilities. Without the fund, I would not have the chance to figure them out without a professional diagnosis alongside self-monitoring my growth. These problems might have a correlation with my studying effectiveness and have existed since the start of my studying journey. 

I am pleased to have received the opportunity to meet with an educational psychologist in understanding more of my individualized learning needs and the fund to receive a professional assessment from a recognized EP service centre. The assessment has enhanced my sense of belonging, support and care of Hong Kong Baptist and inclusion among the Unit of SSEN. The meetup with an educational psychologist has truly facilitated me to learn about SSEN’s adjustments I am entitled to get with my learning disabilities and how the University can facilitate my adaption to the learning cradle of wholesomeness.

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