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Sharing of Scholarship Recipients - LAU Chun Hin Lawrence


LAU Chun Hin Lawrence; 
Bachelor of Social Sciences (Hons.) in Geography

It is my honour to be granted this scholarship by alumni and other donors in HKBU. To me, tertiary education is not only an academic experience but also the significance of holistic development to students. Although we are facing an uncertain period of Covid-19, we still need to upgrade ourselves.

I have taken part in several service and other activities outside the university, such as an internship in the government department and uniform unit. Those activities have broken my horizon because I can gain impressive experience and knowledge which cannot be learnt in the university. Event planning, direct service and real working experience can help us to be more mature. In 2018, super typhoon Mangosteen hit Hong Kong. I was asked to join the local disaster prevention action in Tai O. I needed to do my best to persuade residents to go to the safe shelter in the community centre as soon as possible. This type of service requires problem-solving skill to have effective and efficient. Besides, as a senior student, the summer holiday was a good time to consider the job orientation after graduation through doing an internship. Therefore, I really believe a proverb, that is “He that travels far knows much”.

I will cherish and make good use of the scholarship as it is important to me in various areas. Of course, the financial burden is a problem for me. It could help my family to reduce the financial pressure, including family expenditure. Overseas study is a nice choice for further studies so the scholarship is a kind of support to achieve my ambition. Having a global vision is one of the key elements nowadays in our study journey which could allow us to learn more from other cultures. The real experience could not be replaced by the internet, no matter having a video dialogue in the chat room. Apart from material support, the scholarship gives motivation to me. It is a good reward to be recognized for my contribution to society and my academic performance in university. I will keep up and continue this positive attitude to serve the society which I love most.

I would like to say thanks again to those alumni and donors who enthusiastically contribute a lot to the alma mater continuously after graduation from HKBU. Scholarship recipients can be benefited a lot from their generous donations. They are the idols of our university, we are much appreciated them.

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