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Sharing of Scholarship Recipients - LAM Wan Ki Teresa


 LAM Wan Ki Teresa; Bachelor of Arts in Music 
(major in Music Education) (Y3)

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the donor and HKBU USSEN, who let me get the opportunity to be awarded, via this sharing article. Also, I would like to share the benefit that I get from the HKBU Alumni Gratitude Scholarship. With the scholarship, I am able to take the courses that I am interested in, and also widen my knowledge via different chances of learning. Being equipped with all my experience and learning will be a milestone for my future career, being an educator.

First, regarding the previous four certificate courses in Counselling for Special Education that I took last year, I aim to spend this scholarship on the remaining six courses before my University graduation, which I will be able to get the diploma in Counselling for Special Education provided by the Hong Kong Shue Yan University Counselling and Research Centre. The knowledge learned in the diploma enables me to have certain knowledge on different types of special educational needs, and gives me the concept of scanning and dealing with them with things that happen. Also, having counselling with these students is very important as a teacher in the school setting. This diploma also equips me with the basic skills in counselling, which I will be able to apply the skills learned in the lesson, and help the students with my knowledge and my experience as an SEN student.

Second, I am going to spend the remaining amount on the second year of my Diploma in Catechism held by the Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong. After the completion of this diploma, I am eligible to teach as a Religion teacher in Catholic Schools. In my point of view, we are only the tool of God, the one who heals one’s heart is God HImself. With the combination of religion and education, people are able to live with love, hope and faith. In my experience, the support of religious groups and belief in God did help me go through bad times in the past. Therefore, I would like to equip myself to spread the message of God, so that my service targets in the future are also able to get the love from God and spread onwards.

After sharing my experiences, I hope to thank the donor and the USSEN again. It is a great honour to get this scholarship. And I hope that there will be more people with disabilities to get the scholarship so that they are able to continue doing something that they may think of, but not dare to take action because of the concern of mental and financial status with the help of this scholarship. Thus, they are able to be a better person in the future, just like what the scholarship indicates, to be ‘an encouragement for the next generation of students to thrive in their own way’.

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