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Seated Stretches 坐式伸展

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Regular exercise offers benefits to everyone, even elderly and people with limited mobility, who are more essential to enjoy the mind and health-boosting benefits of being active. If injury, disability, illness and weight problems have limited your mobility, try seated chair exercise! This set of stretches helps you experience and reap the physical, mental and emotional rewards of staying active at your own capacity. If needed, please take to your doctor, physical therapist or other health care provider about the activities suitable for your medical conditions.



Staying safe when doing seated exercise 坐著也安全: 

  • stop exercising if feeling unwell 不要勉強

  • avoid involving any injured body part 避開傷患部位

  • hold a sustained stretch for 10 - 30 seconds 適度伸展(每次十至三十秒)

  • warm-up and cool down 熱身和緩和運動

  • check your seat and wear appropriate clothing 穩固的座椅和運動服

  • drink plenty of water 多飲水

  • don't hold your breath; inhale and exhale normally 正常呼吸