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Shoulders, Back & Neck 肩頸背部

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Improper posture and prolonged sitting are the major culprits of neck, shoulders and back tension -- you may have been doing this when staring down at your phone screen or hunching in front of your laptop, all day long. The tension can cause pains that feel like a "kink", stiffness and severe pain, numbness or weakness spreading to the shoulders, upper back or even arms.



Stretching benefits your physical wellbeing from 伸展好處多: 

  • preventing muscles from being tight 預防肌肉繃緊

  • improving posture and repositioning joints 改善姿勢和關節

  • relieving pains and muscle strain 舒緩痛楚和肌肉疲勞

  • reducing the risk of muscle and joint injury 減低肌肉/關節勞損

  • increasing your range of movement 加強柔軟度