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Faces & Eyes 面部肌肉及眼部

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Most of us were not aware of the pain from wearing a face mask all day until the recent circumstance. We are told to stop touching our face to minimize the spread of coronavirus and other germs. Digital eye fatigue and clenched jaws get more significant after multiple Zoom meetings and completing tasks on computer screens. There are more than 50 muscles that make up your facial structure. Exercising them to help reduce facial tension and related headaches!



Facial stretching benefits you from 面部肌肉伸展好處多: 

  • soothing optic and relaxing areas around eyes 使眼肌放鬆
  • resting overused muscles and strengthening eye focus 恢復眼神
  • relieving tension in throat, temples and jaws 舒緩喉嚨、太陽穴和上下顎
  • improving blood circulation to keep skin and eyes in good shape 改變面部血液循環