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Mind Relaxation 情緒舒緩

To watch other videos of inclusive stretching exercise 觀看其他共融伸展運動的視頻 

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Tension and stress headaches can interfere with our daily life and affect concentration, motivation and mood. This set of mind relaxation stretches helps us to recharge from worries and reconnect to our breath. Deep breathing combined with stretching activates the parasympathetic nervous system and relieves the "fight-or-flight" stress response.



Stretching benefits your mental wellbeing from 伸展好處多: 

  • releasing hormones for emotions and mood 調節情緒荷爾蒙

  • increasing blood circulation for a clearer mind and a more cheerful mood 增加血液循環

  • encouraging a relaxed awareness of body and mind 放鬆身心

  • improving muscle coordination to perform tasks with more ease and less pain 鍛鍊肌肉協調能力

  • focusing on the here and now  提醒你活在當下