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Sharing of Scholarship Recipients - WONG Tin Yau David


WONG Tin Yau David; Bachelor of Science (Hons.) in
Computer Science [Information Systems and Analytics]

I am grateful that I have been chosen to be one awardee of HKBU Alumni Gratitude Scholarship. This scholarship recognises my achievement during 4-year undergraduate study. Being awarded this scholarship is also a motivation for me to keep on heading to my goal, to become a computer scientist. I have planned to use the scholarship to enhance and well-equip myself.

Being a computer scientist, I am interested in using logical and analytical to solve various kind of problems. During the study in the university, I have spent summer in few internships and attended summer course offered by Fudan University. These experience not only gave me how can I applied the knowledge to solve complex problem, but also strengthen my interest in conducting research on real-life problem. To be specific, in the last summer, I spent two months at La Salle Primary School. I was assigned to help developing code and route for TEMI robot. The route must be clear and minimise the number of obstacles. It is quite challenging because the building has many floors and doors. The aim for designing the code and the route is to let the robot move to designated point to deliver items for teachers and return to charging point fully automated. These kinds of experiences have encouraged me to participate more activities that I interested in the future.

I will treasure this scholarship given by the HKBU Alumni and carefully use the scholarship. I will separate the usage of the scholarship into two parts. The first part is master the knowledge of Computer Science and apply the knowledge in future work. After I had worked in Information Technology Departments in different institutions, I realised that Computer Science is a board discipline. There are many sub-divided categories under Computer Science. From the work experience, I have identified my strengths is on Data Analytics and Management. Therefore, I listened to my colleague advice, spending part of the scholarship to take several professional exams. Taking and passing these exams means that I have certain ability to apply CS knowledge to make judgement and provide solutions to problems. The second part is to be an all-rounded person. Having in-depth knowledge of specific area is far from enough in today society. We, as a human being, global vision and social responsibility is essential to us. Therefore, after graduation, I hope I can have a chance to pursue further education in other areas as well as Philosophy and Business overseas. When I will be well-equipped with different knowledges and thinking at that time, I will help contributing and creating a better Hong Kong and World leave no stone unturned.

At the end, I would like to say thank you again to the committee which selected me and the alumni who help supporting the scholarship. The scholarship inspires me to strive for the goal and success. I hope one day I will be able to give back to community let students pursue their dream just as today.

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