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Sharing of Scholarship Recipients - LO Chun On


LO Chun On; Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) in History

I am writing to deliver my deepest gratefulness to the alumni donors and HKBU’s Unit for Students with Special Educational Needs. It is my honor to be selected as the recipient of HKBU Alumni Gratitude Scholarship (AGS).

I originate from a grassroot family, I am a year 3 student major in History and minor in Social Work Studies. The COVID-19 pandemic has stayed in our community for more than 2 years. It has continued to bring huge economic recession and large-scale unemployment population to our society. Many families have lost their Breadwinners and their precious job positions. I sincerely bless that the pandemic will end soon. Then, our society can return to normal and peace again.

With the scholarship, I hope that it can reduce the economy burden of my father in term of daily life expenditure for family and tuition fee for my university study. Moreover, the scholarship enables me to continue the university studying. Besides, it provides me more precious learning opportunities in the university. During my university life, I am able to learn more knowledges. In 2020, I enrolled the Summer Internship program of Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. Boosting my working experience and interpersonal communication skill in workplace.

It also offers me opportunities to continue studying through online during the severe pandemic. The participation of online Mental First Aid courses allows me to understand more about the mental condition of people during hard time through becoming a Mental First Aider. By facilitating the knowledge from my social work studies and the extra-curricular courses, I will be capable to communicate with mental illness patients and other students with special educational needs in a non-bias manner, suggesting the best solutions for them to readapt to the everchanging society.

Furthermore, the unforgettable experience of joining The Hong Kong Institute of Bankers’ Future Banking Bridging Program and the Tai Po history field trip in 2021 have empowered me the realization to the importance of learning knowledges from different disciplines. All of them educated me the essentiality of teamwork and their required communication skills.

Once again, I am very thankful to all the learning opportunities the scholarship has given to me. I am looking forward to utilize my learnt professional historical research and social work skills in the near future. So that I can contribute to Hong Kong Society by providing a new way for learning history through storytelling, debunking its deep-rooted stereotype of reciting history theories. Promoting people interest on getting in touch with the event and items of the past. At the same time, I am managed to understand the need of the disadvantaged of the society with my social work experience, especially children with special education needs.

Afterall, it is my pleasure to thrive for a better future for Hong Kong. We can combine with the advantages of China and the Greater Bay Area, continuing to shine in the international society.

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