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Sharing of Scholarship Recipients - LAM Wan Ki


LAM Wan Ki; Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) in Music 
[Music Education]

This is my great honour to receive the Alumni Gratitude Scholarship from the school, which gives me the encouragement and confidence to continue my goal and further studies after the graduation of my degree. As a final year student, it is quite busy before graduation, especially when having an honour project and tons of stuff academically. Therefore, work life balance is very important, which I have joined the Pastel Nagomi Art Associate Instructor Course held by the St. James' Settlement, getting the qualification of the Pastel Nagomi Art Associate Instructor while enjoying the time of drawing after school. Also, due to the pandemic, there is less income with the decreasing number of the lessons I taught. The scholarship has helped me to decrease my financial burden, support my daily needs despite the situation of insufficient income during the coronavirus disease.

Except for studying Music as my major program, I am also taking up psychology as my minor program. Furthermore, I am studying for a diploma in counselling for special education held by Hong Kong Shue Yan University Counselling and Research Centre, equipping myself with taking care of people with special needs with the knowledge learned. By continuing composing songs, the Catholic choir that I joined has posted the MV for my pieces. The pieces are also broadcasted in RTHK Radio 5, getting many positive feedbacks. Also, I have the opportunity to share my experience via different media, and promote the importance of wellbeing in the Instagram page, rest my soul, which is held for the Mental Health First Aid Captain Programme with another captain. I believe that I can be giving a positive image to the people around us and the public, and to make Hong Kong a better place with my efforts.

Being a Music Educator has been my goal for a long time. It is so meaningful that an educator is able to help students to grow and establish their goals and values, and equip them with knowledge and skills that are able to help them make contributions to society in the same way. No matter in which aspect the students are, I hope that they are able to shine brightly one day with what they have learned through music. I became a better person via the influence of music education, so I want to spread the power of music education to my current and future students, especially those with special educational needs.

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