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Inclusive Stretching Exercise (Cantonese) 共融伸展運動 (廣東話)

We proudly present to you this series of handy stretches to remind you of self-care -- and we are trying to include everyone by adding bilingual subtitles and Hong Kong Sign Language.  On top of the stretches demonstrated by the Hong Kong's first coach with visual impairment, Mr Chiu-kin Tsang, and his partner Ms Joan Cheng, each clip concludes with their personal sharing on inclusiveness.


To facilitate your understanding of how a blind person can stretch like other trainers, take this fun quiz that consists of only 10 compulsory multiple-choice questions. 

為了增加同學認識視障者如何像其他培訓者一樣伸展,請參加10條必答多項選擇題的趣味測驗 。

As a token of appreciation, the first 100 eligible participants with the most correct answers in the fun quiz will receive an e-Gift Voucher valued at HK$100. Winners will be contacted earliest by end of June 2020 to redeem and acknowledge receipt of the prize online.  The prizes are exclusive for HKBU students in UGC-funded programmes only. 

Each student can attempt the fun quiz only once.  No time limit as long as you submit it by 8 May 2020. Click here for the fun quiz. 

為鼓勵同學參與是此活動,答案最正確的前100名合資格參與者將獲得港幣100元的電子禮品一張。得獎者最早將於2020年6月以學生電郵確認收到獎品。該獎項僅適用於教資會資助課程中的浸大學生。 每位合資格學生僅遞交趣味測驗一次。


Click the following images to watch videos. 單擊以下圖像以收看視頻。


Mind Relaxation






Shoulders, Neck & Back 



Face & Eyes





Seated Stretches