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Ho Yuen Kei

Graduated from BSSC (Hons) in China Studies

Cheung, Sai Ho

Graduated from MSc. Advanced Information System

(The ten of regeneration warrior 2014, VTC alumni representative)


Cecilia Chui

(Mother of Kwok Yan Yee)

Raffaele Tosti (Note Taker)

Graduated from MSc. Advanced Information System



Edward Lee

President of AIESEC 2016


An Inclusive Ambassador is definitely more than just an ambassador. It's not just about drawing people's attention to those who need special care but it's more about how you can take the lead and begin making an impact on the people around you and in society locally and ultimately turning the world into a truly inclusive one.

Wong Wai Ching, Joanna

Inclusion Student Ambassador 2017-18