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Admission Scholarships for JUPAS Applicants

Descriptions/ Eligibility
No. of Recipients
Amount per Recipient
Application Method
Centaline Charity Fund Scholarship
Qualified local students admitted. For details, please click here
no fixed quota
no fixed amount
external application in Aug
2 Hall Scholarship for Outstanding Freshmen
Year 1 students with best JUPAS entrance results or Senior-year admitted students with best cGPA from previous studies or equivalent who have applied and been accepted to live in the student hostel. 2 scholarships for each of the 6 Faculties/Schools/Academy (Arts, BBA, CMED, SOC SCI, COMM and VA). (SCI students please refer to the Hall Scholarship Scheme of the Faculty of Science). 12 1-year hall residence fee by University selection
HKBU Admission Scholarship Scheme for Outstanding Local Students
Qualified local year 1 students admitted via JUPAS or non-JUPAS to HKBU full-time UGC-funded undergraduate degree programmes. For details, please click here.
*AVA students are not eligible
no fixed quota
HK$42,100 (Full Award) or HK$21,050 (Half Award)
by University selection 
Multi-faceted Excellence Scholarship
Local HKDSE graduates who have met all the basic requirements of university admission and/ or any further requirements stipulated by individual faculties and departments, and who excel in sports, arts (including music) and/ or community service.
no fixed quota
by secondary school nomination
Faculty of Arts
Admission Scholarship for Outstanding Students Admitted to the BA Programme
Local year 1 students who obtain HKDSE score 25 or above from four core subjects plus one best elective subject, and are admitted to the BA programme (broad-based admission) or the Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) in Music programme. Recipients cannot receive the HKBU Admission Scholarship concurrently.
no fixed quota
by Faculty selection
School of Business
School of Business Super Star Admission Scholarships
工商管理學院Super Star入學獎學金
Qualified local students admitted via JUPAS to BBA (Hons) degree programme. For details, please click here
no fixed quota
1 to 4-year tuition fee
by School selection
School of Chinese Medicine
Admission Scholarship for Outstanding Local Chinese Medicine Students
Year 1 local students admitted via JUPAS who have outstanding HKDSE results achieved in one sitting. For details, please click here
no fixed quota
from HK$10,000 to HK$120,000
by School selection
School of Communication
School of Communication Admission Scholarship Scheme for Local Applicants
Outstanding students admitted via JUPAS to Bachelor of Communication programme (Broad-based admission) or Bachelor of Communication – Film Major (Animation and Media Arts Concentration), with the highest DSE scores from 4 core and 2 elective subjects.
Up to 15 (for broad-based), up to 2 (for Animation and Media Arts)
by School selection
Faculty of Science
Hall Scholarship Scheme
Local students with good academic performance admitted to the Science degree programmes. Eligible candidates with good performance in HKDSE / best cGPA from previous studies or equivalent will be invited for selection interview. For details, please click here.
maximum 8
1-year hall residence fee
by Faculty selection
Science Entrance Scholarship
Qualified local students admitted via JUPAS to Bachelor of Science (JS2510) offered by the Faculty of Science. For details, please click here.
no fixed quota
up to 2-year tuition fee
by Faculty selection
Department of English Language & Literature and Department of Education Studies
Scholarship for Prospective English Teachers provided by Education Bureau
Year 1 freshmen who are pursuing English+PDGE/English Education degree programmes, or university graduates who are going to study PGDE. Both local and non local students can apply. The scholarship is to be renewed yearly until the students complete their study. For details, please click here
no fixed quota
HK$50,000 (for local student) per year
external application in July / August
Department of Physical Education
Dr. Stephen Hui Prize in Athletic – Admission Scholarship for Elite Athlete Students for PERM Program
許士芬博士運動獎金 – 體育及康樂管理課程精英運動員入學獎學金
Qualified local students admitted to the PERM Program who are Hong Kong representing team members; or with sport talent and able to contribute to HKBU sport team as members by achieving outstanding results in USFHK sport competitions; or have achieved distinguished sport performance in competitions at the international level.
no fixed quota
HK$$42,100 or HK$21,050
by Department selection