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Sharing of Scholarship Recipients - HUNG Tsz Hin Ronald

HUNG Tsz Hin Ronald


HUNG Tsz Hin, Ronald (PhD in Economics)
Recipient of Sir Edward Youde Memorial Fellowship 2020-21

I am honored to be one of the three awardees of the 2020-21 Sir Edward Youde Memorial Fellowship for postgraduate research students. It recognizes my effort in doing Economics research.

“In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity,” said Albert Einstein. It may be one of the quotes that can closely describe the beauty of Hong Kong. As a local student, I witnessed how Hong Kong, a tiny city, kept fighting a wave of crises when I was growing up. When I was a primary student, we experience how Hong Kong defended its currency in the 1997 Asian financial earthquake. When I was a secondary student, I saw the quick recovery of the Hong Kong economy during the SARS outbreak. Before I got into the university, I experienced how the global markets were overwhelmed by the subprime mortgage crisis in 2018. Hong Kong, as an international financial city, kept fighting from failure to failure. For each difficulty, everyone suffered. Hong Kong, however, can always find the way out for those “impossible” missions.

This spirit resonates with the passion of researchers. Doing research is just like exploring another Earth in the universe with a spacecraft. Scholars are surrounding by a mass of beautiful, colorful stars (knowledge). They work with passion and illusion. They are dreaming about their dream always. However, the universe is dark, silent, dangerous, and so broad. Our lives are unfortunately short. We are not guaranteed to find another blue and human-friendly planet for life (the research topic/ a novel research finding). In most cases, you make a wrong judgment. If you are lucky, you may get it right faster. If you are not patient or tough enough, you may fall into the black holes. But we always have the second attempt, third attempt, fourth… and “re-searching” again and again. One day, you may find the planet. Scholars keep trying resiliently, even after a wave of failures. We believe that any baby steps can always lead you to giant strikes.

Now, we are confronted by another difficulty, the COVID-19 pandemic. We believe that everyone, including researchers, is trying our very best to find the solution to overcome this problem. Thanks again for the Sir Edward Youde Memorial Fund to support my research so that I can make a little contribution as a junior research student.

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