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Sharing of Scholarship Recipients - TAM SHUM Anabel Patricia

TAM SHUM Anabel Patricia


TAM SHUM Anabel Patricia (Bachelor of Arts)
Recipient of HSBC Hong Kong Scholarships 2020-21

It is my greatest honour to be one of the awardees of the HSBC Hong Kong Scholarships (2020-2021). This scholarship scheme is the way for me to fulfil my hopes which relies upon my ambition.

As a student studying Chinese Language and Literature, I love reading classics of Chinese Literature. It allows me to know more about writing styles, thoughts, and background history of different writers. I often attend Chinese Language courses as well, so as to equip myself and gain professional qualifications. Being one of the awardees of this scholarship scheme, I am able to grab the interest in my major study and it motivates me to work harder in this particular field.

Apart from my major study, I am also looking for an opportunity to become an exchange student. I believe that it can broaden my horizons, but most importantly, it can increase my international sense while communicating with foreigners, like local students and teachers. Joining an exchange programme can also enlarge my social networking in which I can learn more about different cultures. Therefore, this will be my next goal for the new academic year.

Besides, I was born in Venezuela and my mother language is Spanish. However, since I came to Hong Kong when I was six, I have almost forgotten how to speak this language. Learning a new language is not just because it can boost my competitiveness, but also because it can recall my childhood memories. So, I would like to take this chance to take language courses outside of my university.

Thank you very much for the generous award from the Hong Kong Bank Foundation. This honoured gift affirms my study effort, motivating me to try new things and explore things that are out of my comfort zone.

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