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Sharing of Scholarship Recipients - Sara Cheng

Sara Cheng


CHENG Shuk Wa, Sara (Journalism)
Recipient of HSBC Hong Kong Scholarship 2018/19

I feel very honoured to be one of the recipients of the HSBC Scholarship and would like to express my sincerest gratitude to the donor for such generosity.

The preparation of the interview led me to a lot of thinking as I was researching into elderly poverty,  a local issue which I felt passionate about. Hong Kong, an international financial centre and one of the most developed cities, has one-third of the elder population living below the poverty line, and the government has tolerated such adversity for years. Watching news reports and reading articles on "cardboard grannies", "coffins cubicles", and "cage homes" made me devastated, and an idea popped up in my head -if the 50,000 dollar scholarship was to be donated to the poor, it might be a more straightforward and helpful solution.

It was absolutely a short-sighted thought, but I have noticed a great burden of obligation comes together with the scholarship if I receive it. The money is not solely an award but an investment made by the donor in the hope that huge and long-lasting impacts will be brought by the recipients in the future, and I am very fortunate to be selected to bear such responsibility.

Being a journalist has been my dream since secondary 2 because I wanted to have countless adventurous experiences by meeting different people every day, but lately, journalists in Hong Kong have a spectacular role. Despite the pressure and violence, some of them persist to seek and speak the truth. I believe journalists are granted the power to capture every important scene in an event and question the authorities, and they shall be free from fear when carrying these tasks. In a world overflowing with fake news and rumours, we need journalists to give objective and accurate information, as resonates with the motto of HKBU School of Communication, "Truth is the virtue". To equip myself with knowledge and hands-on experience, I will be on an exchange year at Emerson College in the USA, a school devoted to journalism and the arts, and I wish to learn about the journalists' practice in the US as well as to widen my horizons. It is an invaluable opportunity and would not have come true without the support of the scholarship.

Though injustice, corruption and suffering are in us, I believe the power of stories and the changes they will bring, and so the essence of journalism. I will continue striving to be a kind, courageous and responsible person who contributes to society and bear in mind the commitment and must not let the donation be spent in vain.

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