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Sharing of Scholarship Recipients - Lau Pak Him

Lau Pak Him


LAU Pak Him (Social Work)
Recipient of Madam Esther M.W. Wong Scholarship

I feel fortunate to study in the Social Work programme at BU because it equips me with useful knowledge and skills for social work practice. I learned that every person is unique with own strengths and traits. We should help the one discover his or her inner treasures and allow for individual development. With the scholarship, I am assisted to further equip myself with different core skills in social work and to develop as a professional social worker.

I will step out of my comfort zone in this summer by joining a one-month summer study program in Japan. I will learn the new language and experience the local culture there. I will also meet the local people and communicate with them for conducting a self-initiated survey. I hope it could train my courage to speak to strangers in a different cultural context. The scholarship helps alleviate my financial burden and encourages me to devote my full effort on such a great outside-classroom learning experience.

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