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Scholarships, fellowships and prizes are bestowed upon selected recipients including new students on the basis of academic merits and other criteria stipulated by the donors. For more details on scholarships that are currently open for application, please visit our website.


The Office of Student Affairs (SA) has launched a "Student Achievement Module" in the Student Learning Experience System (SLES). You can simply generate an e-certificate by yourself in SLES (Go to "My Record" > "Achievement Certificate" > Click the button “Generate e-Achievement Certificate”). All confirmed and approved scholarship records shall be listed in part (A) Scholarships on the e-Certificate. The e-Certificate is an official and valid document that can be used as documentary proof. No additional certificate will be issued unless the scholarship donor will issue one for their scholarship awardees. 


Normally, studentships are provided to full-time MPhil and full-time PhD students during normal study period. The monthly studentship should be adequate to cover expenses on tuition fee, accommodation and sundries. For more detailed information, please contact the Graduate School.