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HSBC Overseas Scholarship 2022/23 (Deadline: 5:30pm of 12 January 2022)

18 OCT 2021 - 12 JAN 2022

HSBC has a long history of supporting educational activities and nurturing young people for the betterment of the community. For the 2022/23 academic year, HSBC is offering HSBC Overseas Scholarship, at a maximum total value of up to HK$1,200,000 with a maximum amount of HK$300,000 per scholarship, to local full-time undergraduate students in Hong Kong. The scholarship will support the recipients to study abroad for either one semester or one academic year, and return to our University to complete their studies and graduate. Applicants are recommended to choose from this list of overseas universities. Hong Kong Baptist University will nominate two eligible candidates to compete with students from other universities in Hong Kong for the Scholarships.

Each scholarship will cover (1) tuition fees (2) a minimum economy return airfare, and (3) reasonable room and board costs, books, a small portion of living expenses and visa application fees. However, it will not cover insurance, clothing expenses and other incidentals. For more details, please click here.


Application is now open to non-final year full-time undergraduate students who are enrolled in a UGC-funded degree programme, and who: 

(1) are Hong Kong permanent residents with right of abode in Hong Kong (full disclosure regarding citizenship is required);

(2) are pursuing studies in disciplines under architecture, business and economics, communication, computer science/information systems, construction and land use, dentistry, design, education, engineering, health care, hotel and tourism, law, medicine, science (basic and applied), social sciences, humanities, textiles, arts subjects (linguistics and languages, translation, history, geography, fine arts and applied arts, etc.), energy and environment, Asian and International Studies, and creative media (UGC-funded programmes only). Students are allowed the flexibility to major in a different discipline while abroad;

(3) have attained a cumulative GPA score of 3.70 or above (or first-class honours, or top 3% of class) in the first semester of the academic year 2021/2022;
(Although students may not know whether they belong to the top 3% of their class, they should submit their application first, and the Office of Student Affairs will verify whether an applicant is eligible to compete for the Scholarship, i.e., whether he/she belongs to the top 3% group, after the application closes.)

(4) have a minimum total TOEFL score of 90 (Internet-based test) with scores for individual sections not lower than 22 on listening, 17 on writing, 21 on reading, and 21 on speaking; or a minimum IELTS overall band score of 6.5, with no component below 6.0. These requirements are irrespective of the admission requirements of the intended overseas universities. Please note that the English proficiency tests must have been taken on 12 February 2020 or later. If unavailable by the application deadline below, test results can be submitted to the Office of Student Affairs on or before 21 January 2022 (Friday);

(5) are well-rounded, participating in extra-curricular and/or community service activities;

(6) have no extensive experience of living or studying overseas;

(7) are strongly committed to Hong Kong

Priority will be given to students who are in a financial situation which does not permit overseas study or extensive overseas travel.

Scholarships will not be awarded to students who enroll in an overseas study course of less than a semester. Scholarship recipients are not allowed to receive awards or financial support for their exchange programmes from the University or other organisations concurrently. They are also expected to return to their home universities in Hong Kong after their overseas study to complete their degree in Hong Kong; otherwise, they have to reimburse the full cost of scholarship.


Please click here to download the application form. The form is fillable. Please type in the form.

Please note that the Office of Student Affairs will certify your eligibility in the very last section of the application form. Please leave that section blank (i.e., Do NOT ask your faculty/department staff to fill in that part).

  1. Save your completed application form and add PDF attachments of your transcript (student copy), personal essay and recommendation letter as instructed on the application form. Scan all required supporting documents (i.e., TOEFL/IELTS results, certificate/proof of extra-curricular activities/community services/achievements, etc.). Combine your application form and scanned supporting documents as ONE (1) PDF file.
  2. Name your PDF file in the format of "HSBC Overseas_student ID_full name" (e.g. HSBC Overseas_20201111_Chan Tai Man). We may not be able to identify your submission if you do not name your file as instructed.
  3. Please make sure the scans of your documents are clear and legible. Any parts that are missing, unclear, and incomprehensible will NOT be considered.
  4. Please try to keep your pdf file under 25MB. You may not need to scan the documents in the highest/top quality if standard quality suffice. Your PDF file should NOT exceed 25MB.
  5. Login to our “Documents Upload Platform” at with your SSOid. Choose and click “HSBC Overseas Scholarship” in the menu to upload the documents. We will NOT be able to receive your documents if you choose another scheme, so please click the scheme name carefully. The “Documents Upload Platform” will close automatically at the application deadline 5:30pm of 12 January 2022 (Wednesday). You will receive an auto-email from the system upon successful upload of your PDF file.
  6. To avoid being late, you should upload your PDF well before the deadline, as there may be unexpected technical errors/difficulties that require you extra time to solve. Note that the submission time is subject to our system’s clock on the website, which may or may not be the same as your watch, and the Office of Student Affairs has the discretion to make final judgments on whether the application is considered late.

Copies of certificates, records on SLES, student development portfolio, letters, name cards, emails, magazines, webpages, newspaper clippings and/or other documents that have (1) your name, (2) the position held and (3) the organization name can be used as the supporting documents for your activities/services. However, please highlight the relevant information. Note that activities/services listed on the form but without proofs will NOT be counted.

Partial submissions/late applications will NOT be considered. You should ONLY attach relevant supporting documents with your application form. Submitting application forms attached with irrelevant documents might adversely affect your application. Form submission via hardcopy or email is not accepted.

  • Please click here for general tips on completing scholarship application forms.
  • Faculty members are welcome to nominate eligible students to apply.


Shortlisted candidates will be invited to attend an internal selection interview in late January 2022. Nominated student may be invited to attend the final panel interview arranged by HSBC in March 2022. However, note that this Scholarship requires open competition with students from other institutions, there is no guarantee that all or any of the candidate(s) nominated will be invited to the interview or will receive an award.

Conditional offers will be made in April 2022 by HSBC to candidates who completely fulfil the selection criteria, are recommended by HKBU and short-listed by the HSBC panel. Confirmation of the scholarship awards will be made, subject to the receipt of the following documents:

  1. formal official admission letter from the overseas university;
  2. an application form to participate in the Hong Kong Young Ambassador Scheme (HKYAS) or alternate programmes similar to HKYAS with prior written approval from HSBC before departure from Hong Kong;
  3. a letter from HKBU confirming the number of credits that the applicant will take during his/her semester or year abroad (this submitted figure should be regarded as final; costs of any additional credits taken during the academic year will not be covered);
  4. evidence from the overseas university outlining the duration of the academic year and information on the number of courses/credits that a visiting or full-time overseas student should take; and
  5. a completed pro-forma summary sheet providing a final cost breakdown that is reviewed by the university.

Please refer to for more information about HKYAS.


For enquiries, please feel free to contact Ms. Joey Lau at 3411 7225 or by email to


Scholarships & Financial Aid Unit