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Summer Residence for Students


Student Residence Halls

Hall places are available for Undergraduate students during Summer from June to July every year. Eligible students who are going to take Summer courses, Course-required Summer internship or Summer research projects are welcome to apply for Summer Hall accommodation.

For enquiries, please contact the Undergraduate Halls at 3411 2600 or


Full-time UGC-funded UG students, except the following students, are eligible to apply:
1. 1-Semester Exchange students in the Second Semester of 2020/21 only
2. Final year local students
3. Final year non-local students who are not current residents

NOTE: Students must possess a student status of “Normal Study” as defined by the Academic Registry during the stay in Summer Hall. You may check your student status in BUniPort > Profile > Personal Particulars & Study Record. Students who cease to be classified as “Normal Study” (e.g. taking an internship or suspension of study) will no longer be eligible for student accommodation and will be required to check out of the Hall by the end of residential period.

Admission Priorities
Priorities will be given to:

  1. Eligible students who are current Hall residents with academic engagement in Summer (e.g. summer course / program-required internship* etc.)
  2. Eligible students who are non-Hall residents with academic engagement in Summer (e.g. summer course / program-required internship* etc.)
  3. Eligible students with special needs# (proof required)

*Program-required internship refers to internships which are either credit-bearing or it is part of the graduation requirement. Internships of the students’ self-interest will not be given any priority in Summer Hall application.

#Applications with reason of academic society/ interest club/ summer job/ home renovation/ driving test/ auxiliary police training/ self study/ extra-curricular activities, and applications without relevant supporting document will not be considered.

Supporting documents MUST be submitted to the G4 service counter of the Undergraduate Halls or by email to on or before 5pm, 10 May 2021. Application without relevant supporting document will not be considered. Application without relevant supporting document will not be considered.

Please read thoroughly all information of this page and select your Summer Hall Plans before submitting application in BUniPort (U-Life > Hall Residence Application).

Online Summer Hall Application
4 to 7 May 2021
Supporting Documents Submission 4 to 10 May 2021 5pm
Application Result announcement
12 May 2021
Room Assignment announcement
14 May 2021

Your preferred roommate should be of the same gender and applying for the same Summer Hall period.
For better utilization of rooms, your preference will be met as far as practicable. Unit-mates will be assigned by the Hall Management.
Room change/single room request will NOT be accepted.

Debit notes for Summer Hall Fees will be issued to successful applicants in BUniPort on 14 May 2021 and the payment due date will be 16 May 2021. Please settle Summer Hall Fees according to the instruction in the email sent by the Finance Office. You must enter the Debit Note Number and choose Bill Type during payment.

for summer hall fees

1. Summer Hall Fees paid are non-refundable and non-transferable.

2. Failure to pay the Summer Hall Fees on time will result in recovery of Summer Hall Offer automatically.

3. Late payment is not acceptable unless with prior special approval by the Hall Management BEFORE the payment due date with a Penalty for late payment of $300.

4. Late application is not acceptable.

5. Change of offered lodging period is not acceptable in most cases subject to special approval and an Administrative Fee of $100 per change.

Caution Money of the immediate past semester will be carried forward to Summer Hall for current residents while $1,000 Caution Money will be collected from non-current residents.

Note for Caution Money

1 Caution Money will be refunded, less any restitution charges for damage or loss of properties and keys, to your bank account within 3 months.

2 Please update your bank account information in BUniPort BEFORE 7 May 2021.

Room assignment result (and relocation period for current residents*) will be announced on 14 May 2021 in BUniPort.
*The relocation schedule is subject to change

Summer Residence starts on 21 May 2021

(Only current residents may apply for Summer Hall for the period starting from 21 May 2021)

  1. Assigned to Original Room

    Please bring your Student Card and Door Card to the G4 Service Counter during 10am – 6pm, 25-26 May 2021 for card data update.

  2. Assigned to Another Room

    The following Room Relocation period will be assigned to you subject to room availability and is NOT changeable.

Summer Residence starts on
Room Relocation Period
21 May 2021
(24 May 2021 for Resident Assistants)
28 May 2pm – 29 May 12noon
3 Jun 2pm – 4 Jun 12noon
4 Jun 2pm – 5 Jun 12noon
7 Jun 2pm  - 7 Jun 8pm
To complete Room Relocation procedures, you MUST complete the following steps within your assigned room relocation period:
  1. Remove all your personal belongings from your 2020-21 room*
  2. Return door card, washroom key and mailbox key of your 2020-21 room*
  3. Collect your door card, washroom key and mailbox key of your Summer Hall room, and
  4. Bring your student card to the G4 Service Counter for data update

*$500 late room relocation surcharge will be levied on Summer Hall residents who fail to complete either step1) or 2) within their assigned room relocation period.

Late Room Relocation Surcharge

  1. All Summer Hall residents MUST complete the room relocation within the assigned relocation period. Request for change of relocation period will NOT be accepted.
  2. If you are not available to complete the room relocation within the assigned timeslot, you should authorize a current resident/ Hall Tutor to relocate for you (Please leave them your room keys and submit an authorization letter to the G4 service counter), OR, store your luggage before you leave. Your original room should be cleared by the end of the relocation period.
  3. Residents who fail to complete either step 1) or 2) above will be charged of a $500 Late Room Relocation Surcharge and it will be deducted from the Caution Money. Anything left behind in the room will also be disposed of and neither the University nor the Hall Management will be responsible for any loss or damage of personal belongings arising from such action.
  4. If you are required to relocate to another room in Summer while you are not physically in Hong Kong at the relocation period assigned, you MUST authorize another current resident / Hall Tutor to help relocate your belongings to your summer hall room in the designated time slot. NO pack and storage service will be available in 2020/21.


Summer Residence starts AFTER 21 May 2021

Please bring your Student Card and check in at the G4 Service Counter after 2pm on your check-in date during our office hours. Your Student Cards will be activated and you should collect a Summer Hall door card, washroom key and mailbox key.

Office Hours of G4 Service Counter

Monday – Friday
9am – 9pm (1 – 2pm Meal Break)
9am – 1pm (starting from 1 Jun 2021)
Sunday and Public Holiday
  1. You must check out at or before 12 noon on your latest check-out date. Late check-out penalty ($200 per day) will be levied on you and deducted from your Caution Money if you fail to do so. Such penalty will continue to be charged until completion of check-out (it counts as one day after 12 noon).
  2. You may check out before your latest check-out date without any refund of hall fees. You are required to arrange your room inspection at the G4 Service Counter at least 3 working days before you check out.


1. Major washroom refurbishment work will be carried out in the North Tower till late August. The North Tower will not be accessible during the refurbishment work and there will be dust and noise arising from the work.

2. During the Summer, removal of existing ware hooks on bathroom doors in both towers have been arranged. 

3. The construction of the Jockey Club Campus of Creativity (JC3), which is next to the Undergraduate Halls, is underway. It is expected to be completed in 2023/24. While the Estates Office will take mitigation measures to minimize the inconvenience incurred as far as practicable, construction noise, dust, smell are expected intermittently during the course of construction. You are advised to take this into consideration when you accept this hall offer and pay the hall fees. Hall fees will not be refunded due to the construction works of the JC3.

4. Other minor refurbishment works may take place in summer. There may be occasional noise during daytime. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused.


Students shall not use the Gym System in Fitness Room without having first undergone appropriate fitness training.

In view of the spread of the COVID-19, common rooms on 1/F (except computer room, fitness rooms, laundry rooms and music practice rooms) will continue to be closed and residents are required to maintain proper social distancing and wear a mask in all public areas in the hall.

Your application implies your agreement to abide by the University Standards of Conduct of students, Terms and Conditions of Hall Residence, Residents' Code and Hall Rules as posted on the Undergraduate Halls website. All residents should not infringe copyright works using University network. In case of any breach of hall rules and regulations, depending on the seriousness of the matter, sanctions including suspension and expulsion from the Halls may be given to both local and non-local students alike. By checking in, it implies that you agree the hall management to inform your parents/ guardian/home institution of any such sanctions and details of the related disciplinary matter.

All personal data kept and collected will only be used for processing applications, statistical analysis and such other purposes permissible under the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance. You have the right to access to or correct your personal data kept by the University by logging into BUniPort. Please visit the University Privacy Policy for details.