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Four or five residents of same gender in two adjacent rooms share a washroom comprising a toilet cubicle and a shower cubicle. The provisions of student bedrooms are listed in the table below.

2-person room
3-person room
Resident L and R
Resident A
Resident B
Resident C
 (mattress included)
1.9m(L) x 0.86m(W)
1.9m(L) x 0.86m(W)
2.1m(L) x 0.86m(W)
1.9m(L) x 0.86m(W)
Desk Top
Drawer Pedestal
Power Sockets
Storage Drawer
Cork Board
Wooden Tray with Power Supply for Upper Bed
2-person bedroom

2-person Bedroom

*You can click the photos to have a virtual tour of our rooms.



The Repair and Maintenance Services for the Undergraduate Halls is overseen by the Estates Office. The maintenance service of all major plants and systems, including lifts, laundry machines, CCTVs, smart meters, automatic fire alarm, air-conditioning and pumping systems are outsourced through prescribed procurement procedures of the University to ensure that vital systems crucial to the livelihood of the hall residents are properly looked after. The Estates Office serves to carry out emergency, corrective, preventive and regular repair and maintenance service and scrutinize the performance of the maintenance contractors and quality of their services.

Facilities User Guide

Except being reserved in advance, the following amenities are available for residents' use on a first-come first-served basis.

Residents / Student societies should submit the booking application within 3 to 7 working days while Departments and Offices should submit the booking application within 3 working days to 4 weeks. 

Max. Capacity due to COVID-19
Opening Hours
Booking Method
24 hours
(for Departments only)
Amphitheatre, PA System
8am - 8:30pm
Providing a great variety of food and beverage
Open for hall activities / programs and religious activities
(for Departments only)
AV equipment including Overhead LCD projection system VCR, Disc player and PA system, Tables and Chairs
Multi-purpose Room 114 60 24 hours Book HERE
(for residents only)
AV equipment including Overhead LCD projection system VCR, Disc player and PA system, Tables and Chairs
Common Rooms 105 / 115 15 24 hours

(for residents only)

Tables and Chairs
Music Practice Rooms 106A / 119B 2 9am - 11pm Fill in the booking sheet posted on the door. Upright Pianos
Joint Halls Convenience Store 106B / 10pm - 2am
Sun to Fri
/ /
Computer Room 110 14 24 hours / Computer Workstations with Internet Access, Follow-U-Print Service and a Photo-copier
Multi-function Activity Rooms 101 / 102 14 24 hours Book HERE 
(for Hall Councils Only)
Tables and Chairs
Sitting Lounge 116A 7 24 hours / TV, Sofas and Chairs
Sitting Lounge 120 15 24 hours / TV, Sofas and Vending Machine
Table Tennis Room 121 4 24 hours Fill in the booking sheet posted on the door. Table Tennis Table
Games Room 122 16 9am - 2am / Dart board, American pool, Chinese Chess Table, Soccer game
Fitness Rooms
103 / 104
24 hours
Treadmill, Cross-training, Indoor Cycling, Rower
111 & 113
24 hours
(Washers: $5.3 / cycle,
Dryers: $1.1 / 10 mins,
Hydro Extractor: $1.1 / 5 mins)
Washers, Dryers, Hydro Extractor, Irons, Ironing Boards, Sink and Hanging Racks
S1901 / N1901
24 hours
Study Tables, Study Chairs
9am - 11pm
(for residents only)
BBQ Stoves, Water Sink, Tables and Chairs
 / S1926
24 hours
Tables, Chairs and Follow-U-Print Service
Quiet Room S1925 4 6am - 11pm / Praying, Meditation and Self-reflection area
Departments or Offices can reserve the hall venue and equipment below for organization of university activities. Please go to to submit your booking application within 4 weeks but no later than 3 working days before the event date.

Charge Schedule
Charges per Hour
(min. 2 hours) 1
Venue Setup Charge
(Tables and Chairs only)
Rev. James Mau Memorial Chapel (G9) $ 800 $ 200
Jockey Club Courtyard $ 1200 $ 300
Equipment Items
Charges per Hour
(min. 2 hours) 1
Equipment Setup Charge

In-room projector and motorized screen
(for Room G9)

$ 300 / hour Free
Portable projector and portable screen $ 200 $ 100

PA system (with 2 hand-held microphones)
(for Room G9, Courtyard)

$ 300 / hour Free
Each additional wired microphone (Max. for 2) $ 60 / hour Free
Mic stand (floor / table) $ 50 / hour Free
Portable Amplifier (with 2 hand-held microphone) $ 200 / hour Free
  1. The minimum booking is two hours. Excessive use of the venue or equipment for 15 minutes will be counted as an additional hour.
  2. A 50% discount on the venue charges (except venue setup charges and equipment charges) is offered to activities organized by HKBU departments that there are more than 50% of the activity participants are HKBU students.