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Rules and Regulations

All residents will receive a Student Residence Handbook upon check-in which contains the important rules and information with respect to residents' living at the hostel. Residents shall agree to observe and comply with the Terms and Conditions, Hostel Rules and Residents’ Code of Conduct stated in the Student Residence Handbooks. Below are the full versions of student residence handbooks of Dr. Ng Tor Tai International House ("NTTIH") and Carlson Court ("CC"):



While all the Hostel Rules and Residents’ Code of Conduct are clearly stated in the Student Residence Handbooks, residents should also take note of the below important points regarding the daily instances of hostel life so as to create a harmonious living environment in the hostels. 

1. Maintain the Safety and Security of Hostels


Access Control


Only residents and their registered visitors can access the premises. Residents of NTTIH are required to put their room cards in front of the card reader when passing the security control gate.

For residents of CC, they are required to use the assigned entrance password for access to the premises. Proof of identity of residents or their visitors may be requested by the security guards.

 1.2 Visitors

Resident(s) who invite visitors to the student hostel shall be held responsible for the behavior of the visitors. The visitation period starts from 8:00 am to 11:00 pm. Under any circumstances, all visitors are not allowed to stay overnight at the hostel.

 1.3  Room Cards and Keys

Residents shall be responsible for good custody of the room cards and keys and are not allowed to duplicate them. Lending of residents’ room card / key to others for accessing the hostel or any other purpose is considered as a serious breach of Hostel Rules and Residents’ Code of Conduct.

2.  Protect the Hostel Environment


Take Good Care of the Public Properties


Residents must keep all areas clean and tidy in the hostels. They shall be held responsible for paying the charges incurred from making good or repairing any broken items or replenishing any loss items in their rooms or at the public areas.

 2.2 Save Energy
  Residents shall make their best efforts to save energy by turning off the electrical appliance and water taps when they are not in use.

3.  Observe the Residents’ Code of Conduct


No Smoking

sa      3.4   No Gambling       sa
   3.2 No Alcoholic Beverage  sa     3.5     No Pets sa
   3.3  No Drugs 21     3.6   No Plants sa