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Overview of Postgraduate Housing

With a view to catering for the accommodation needs of non-local postgraduate students, the University offers student residences at Dr. Ng Tor Tai International House and Carlson Court. 

Dr. Ng Tor Tai International House ("NTTIH"), located in the Hong Kong Baptist University Road Campus, offering about 250 hostel spaces for non-local postgraduate students. It is a unique community wherein students from different cultures and backgrounds are living together as fellow hall mates. Mutual respect and tolerance to difference and diversity in the community are highly valued that harmony is the characteristic of the student residence.

Carlson Court,  located at Kowloon City, is a University-managed off-campus hostel offering 76 bed spaces. To echo the University’s mission of whole-person development, the cohesive and harmony community color student’s life with the spirit of mutual help and care. We strives to create positive living environment at the off-campus hostel wherein student residents can not only enjoy the orderly and safe living environment which is conducive to their studies, but also embraces proactivity, empowerment, learning and development of professionalism by joining a variety of students’ activities.



Carlson Court