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Residents' Safety and Health


A. Stringent Epidemic Measures

Stringent Epidemic Measures (the Measures) are now in place!

The Measures apply to all student residents of NTTIH and if visiting is permitted, all visitors (collectively, the Individuals). Non-compliance of the Measures poses a danger to the health or safety of other members of NTTIH. All the requirements below will be STRICTLY enforced. Disciplinary actions will be taken against non-complying individuals.

Failure to do so will result in immediate suspension or termination of residence without any prior warning and future student residence application may not be accepted as any violation will create public health risks and put the health and safety of the NTT community at risk.

These Measures are subject to changes and all residents shall pay attention to any updates of the Measures that may be issued by the University from time to time. Residents are required to comply with the latest Measures.  

Hall Access Requirement

Starting from 10 January 2022, all Individuals accessing Halls and NTTIH must be fully vaccinated for 14 days or more before access OR be able to present a negative COVID-19 test result conducted by a Government approved testing laboratory within 7 days of (and including) the day of access.

Restriction on Group Gathering / Dining
According to the latest Law requirement (Cap. 599G) that any gathering of more than 2 persons is prohibited.  There should not be any gathering with more than two residents in the house premises at any time.  

No Visitation in NTTIH
Visitation to NTTIH is NOT allowed in order to minimize the risk of cross infection among residents and visitors.  Residents are also not allowed to visit other resident rooms during their stay in NTTIH. 

Mask-wearing Requirement
All Individuals should wear mask at all times in the common areas of NTTIH, including but not limited to lifts, corridors and Common Room.  In non-common areas such as bedroom, wearing mask remains required when there is/are other parties present.

Residents who are found not wearing masks in NTTIH in the first instance will first be warned and their student numbers be taken down. Subsequent non-compliance will carry penalties including but not limited to suspension or in serious cases, termination of residence. In the case of visitors, they will be asked to leave NTTIH immediately.

All Individuals should carry their own masks.  Those residents who register at the G/F Reception to obtain a mask will be charged HK$1 per mask by cash.  Each resident can only get one mask from the Reception counter per day.  An Individual who does not wear a mask will be denied entry to NTTIH.

Hygiene Reminder
While cleaning services have been enhanced, you are reminded to pay attention to your personal hygiene, especially hand hygiene, and monitor your body condition at all times.  Health tips on personal hygiene is available at CHP website HERE.

Useful Information
Government COVID-19 Updates
FAQ on Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)
FAQ on New Requirements to Reduce Gatherings

As the supplies of daily necessities, food and medicine might be interrupted in case of emergency, please stock up according to your own needs.

As the epidemic is deteriorating rapidly in Hong Kong, the NTTIH Management will enforce the above epidemic measures strictly.  Any residents who are reported violating any of the above epidemic measures will face immediate suspension or termination of residence without any prior warning.  Your cooperation is requested to combat the spread of the virus to protect the health and safety of all residents, staff and outsourced workers in NTTIH.

Residents must read and follow the latest Stringent Epidemic Measures and the Protocols for any Confirmed COVID-19 Case in NTTIH that may be updated from time to time by the University.  If you have any concerns, please call our Reception at 2301 2301.

Finally, you are strongly advised to stay in NTTIH and avoid any gatherings/dining outside the campus.

Stay vigilant and healthy!

Updated on 22 Feb 2022


B. Procedures in Handling Emergencies

We highly recommend that residents should be familiar with the emergency procedures during fire and other emergencies to ensure residents' safety in cases of unexpected incidents.

  1. Fire

    What to Do in Case of Fire

  2. Other Emergencies

    Other emergencies such as injury / serious sickness of person(s), crimes, person(s) trapped in lift or any other life / property threatening incidents may occur. In such cases, stay calm and call our reception at 2301 2301, or ext. "0", for assistance. If the situation demands, we may request assistance from the Police, Fire Services Department and/or ambulance. When calling for help, you should report clearly:

    i.    The location of the incident;
    ii.   The nature of the incident with brief description;
    iii.  The information if any person(s) is / are injured in the incident;
    iv.  Your name, location and contact telephone number.

    If there is an injured person, do not move him / her or conduct first aid unless you have been trained to perform such exercises.

    In any case, your own safety comes first. If your safety is jeopardized by staying at the place where the incident happens, leave the place or the premises immediately and stay at a safe place for assistance.