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Student Resident Ambassadors




Dr. Ng Tor Tai International House & Off-campus Housing Team - Student Resident Ambassador Scheme              



Student Resident Ambassador Scheme aims to groom students to be outstanding ambassadors through engaging in different hostel activities so as to cultivate a caring, respectful and yet stimulating living-learning environment in hostels.

Application Criteria

Student residents residing in NTTIH or Carlson Court who are:

  • Enthusiastic to learn new things with creativity
  • Eager to gain new experiences and make new friends
  • Sincere to share and patient to listen
  • Commit to excellence and eager to serve the public

Benefits from the Scheme

  • Equip oneself with free comprehensive training workshops
  • Enrich personal development towards a whole person through diversified services and training opportunities
  • Gain advice and support to organize self-initiative social and intercultural activities
  • Broaden exposure with the role of leader and MC in the key functions 
  • Enhance leadership, organizational and interpersonal skills through administrative and event management practices
  • Strengthen the sense of belonging towards the University and hostels


  • Leading and promoting proactively and passionately of the joint-hostel activities including:

     New Residents’ Orientation 

     Student Residents’ Cultural Exchange Sharing Sessions

     Community Service Works

     Other hostel events such as Career Talk, Festive Gatherings etc. 

  • Sharing your hostel life in a positive manner with the mentors of Dr. Ng Tor Tai International House and Off-campus Housing Team
  • Serving as members of the Student Residence Management Board (“SRMB”) and acting as a communication channel between residents and the senior management.  For details of the SRMB regarding terms of reference and membership composition, please refer HERE.

Past Services and Activities


  Enquiries: 3411 2035 (Gladys Lau) / 3411 2037 (Alice Kan)                 




Master of Chinese Medicine

Master of Arts in Chinese Literature, Language and Culture

Master of Education

Master of Arts in Chinese Literature, Language and Culture

Master of Social Sciences (Contemporary China Studies)

Master of Chinese Medicine

Master of Science in Information Technology Management

Master of Accountancy