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Student Resident Ambassadors





Student Resident Ambassador Scheme aims to groom students to be outstanding ambassadors through engaging in different hostel activities so as to cultivate a caring, respectful and yet stimulating living-learning environment in hostels.

Application Criteria

Student residents residing in NTTIH or Carlson Court who are:

  • Enthusiastic to learn new things 
  • Eager to gain new experiences and make new friends
  • Commit to excellence and eager to serve the public

Benefits from the Scheme

  • Enhance organizational and interpersonal skills 
  • Broaden exposure with the role of a leader in key functions 
  • Receive a Certificate of Achievement upon successful completion of the Scheme
  • Participants who have demonstrated excellence and dedication will receive an outstanding award


  • Leading and assisting in the organization of the joint-hostel activities;
  • Serving as residents' representatives to attend meetings of the Board and the Committee;
  • Play a key role in major events.

Past Services and Activities

  Schedule of Student Ambassador Scheme 2019/20        

Call for Application

July 2019

Selection Interview

Mid-August to early September 2019

Result Announcement

Mid-September 2019

Briefings and Training Workshops

October 2019

How to Apply

Please send email to or call 3411 2035 (Gladys Lau) / 3411 2037 (Alice Kan)



Dr. Ng Tor Tai International House



Huang Jialin




Zhang Zhuoya 



Wafullah Stephen Ndulah


Carlson Court



Lu Yu