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Student Resident Ambassadors





Student Resident Ambassador Scheme aims to groom students to be outstanding ambassadors through engaging in different hostel activities so as to cultivate a caring, respectful and yet stimulating living-learning environment in hostels.

Application Criteria

Student residents residing in NTTIH who are:

  • Enthusiastic to learn new things 
  • Eager to gain new experiences and make new friends
  • Commit to excellence and eager to serve the public

Benefits from the Scheme

  • Enhance organizational and interpersonal skills 
  • Broaden exposure with the role of a leader in key functions 
  • Receive a Certificate of Achievement upon successful completion of the Scheme
  • Participants who have demonstrated excellence and dedication will receive an outstanding award


  • Leading and assisting in the organization of the joint-hostel activities;
  • Serving as residents' representatives to attend meetings of the Board and the Committee;
  • Play a key role in major events.

Past Services and Activities

  How to Apply

Please send email to or call 3411 2035 (Ms. Gladys Lau) / 3411 2037 (Ms. Alice Kan)



By participating in the Student Resident Ambassador Scheme, our students gained valuable opportunities in developing their leadership and interpersonal skills.  Under this Scheme, they were given the chances to take a leading role in planning and organising various types of student programmes. They all gained the best residential life experience in Dr. Ng Tor Tai International House.  Here below are the sharings from our Student Resident Ambassadors:






Su Jiayi



Mi Fuyao



Cheng Yan




Cheng Xiaoxia



Qian Yuzhen