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Hostel Life Programs

Student Accommodation Section strives in accordance with the University’s mission to develop students as a whole person and to nourish their Graduate Attributes.  Through actively participating in the hostel life and joint-hostel activities, our student residents can develop all aspects of the whole person that every HKBU graduate should possess:


To end this, Dr. Ng Tor Tai International House and Off-campus Housing Team co-organised a wide range of hostel programs and activities in the hope of nurturing wholesome, responsible and open-minded young people.

Personal Enrichment Activities

Interpersonal & Communication Skills

Leadership Skills


Student Resident Ambassador Scheme

Leadership and Teambuilding Training Workshops

Alumni Sharing Sessions on Career Development


Community Engagement

Community Service Work Series e.g.


  • "Dialogue Experience Silence" Workshop & Cycling Tour with Hearing-impaired People;
  • “Dialogue in the Dark” Workshop & Hiking with the Visually-impaired People;
  • Visit to the Elderly Home Centre;
  • Experience of Organic Farming with “Hong Chi Association”

Peer Learning and Support

Cultural Exchange Workshops e.g.

Japanese Class, Korean Dancing Class

Student Interest Classes e.g.

Yoga Class, Cantonese Class

Residents' bondedness


New Residents’ Orientation;

Festive Gatherings e.g. 

New Year Gathering, Residents' Farewell Party, Music Talent Show

Environment Education


Cultural and Heritage Tours e.g.

Visit to Tai-O, Hong Kong Wetland Park, Ngong Ping, Grass Island & Tung Ping Chau