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Hostel Life Programs


Student Accommodation Section strives in accordance with the University’s mission to develop students as a whole person and to nourish their Graduate Attributes. Through actively participating in hostel life and joint-hostel activities, our student residents can develop all aspects of the whole person. To end this, Dr. Ng Tor Tai International House organised a wide range of programs to nurture wholesome, responsible and open-minded young people. Below are the past activities and programs organized for our student residents:

Personal Enrichment Past Residents' Programs


Student Resident Ambassador Scheme

Leadership and Teambuilding Training

Cultural Exchange Workshops 


Blessing Ambassador Program - Teaching the Elderly the Use of Smartphones

Food Rescue Program

Creation of Life-books for the Elderly

Workshop in Understanding and Embracing Wheelchair Users


Coffee Ground Soap Making Workshop

Chinese Stone Seal Engraving Workshop

Workshops of "Lego Tram" & "Universe Lights"


New Residents’ Orientation

Heritage Tour to Hong Kong Island

Green Tours