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Fees & Payment

A. Accommodation Fee

Accommodation fee is subject to annual review and adjustment. The rates shown below are applicable to 2017/18 only.

Student Residence
Accommodation Packages (2)
Accommodation Fees (HK$) (1)
Double Room
Single Room
Dr. Ng Tor Tai International House ("NTTIH")
10-month Package
Undergraduate, Taught Postgraduate & Research Postgraduate Students
1-year Package
Research Postgraduate Students
Carlson Court
11.5-month Package
3 + 2 Bachelor-cum-Master Programme Students , Undergraduate, Taught Postgraduate & Research Postgraduate Students
4-resident Flat
Special Arrangement for Undergraduate, Exchange / Research Postgraduate Students
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  1. a. NTTIH: Including broadband Internet service, fixed-line telephone, water and electricity charges.
    b. Carlson Court: Including broadband Internet service BUT excluding water, electricity and gas charges.
  2. a. 10-month Package: From 28th August 2017 to 27th June 2018
    b. 1-year Package: From 22nd August 2017 to 22nd August 2018
    c. 11.5-month Package: From 16th August 2017 to 31st July 2018
  3. Subject to review, there will be variations to the accommodation fee and accommodation period of 2018/19.

B. Payment Procedures

  1. Upon receiving notification from the University on his / her successful application, an applicant has to pay the entire accommodation fee, caution money and a student activity annual fee within 10 days, unless otherwise specified, to indicate his / her acceptance of the bed space offer. Failure to pay the fees by the specified deadline will imply forfeiture of the offer.
  2. Accommodation fee and the associated payments should be settled by the following means of payment method:

    a. Telegraphic Transfer
    b. Bank Draft 
    c. Local Bank-in
  3. Caution money is a prepaid item and set below for 2017/18 academic year.
Student Residence
HK$ (per resident)
Carlson Court

After completion of the entire committed accommodation package, less any restitution charges for damage or loss of the premises' properties and keys, caution money is refundable without interest within 45 days upon check-out.

C. Damage to Properties of Student Residence

Compensation to the University for damage caused to the properties of student residence will be based on the assessment by the management, having regards to the cost of properties repaired and replaced as appropriate (which are stipulated in the "Compensation on Loss or Damage to Hostel Properties" in Residence Handbook).

D. Penalty Charges for Late Check Out and Improper Check Out

Upon completion of the accommodation period, all residents shall vacate their rooms/flats and check out from the student residence. Penalty charges shall be levied to a resident who fails to check out on or before the check-out deadline. Penalty charges shall also be levied to a resident who fails to restore all the furniture or fails to tidy or clean up the room before checking out. The exact penalty charges will be fined according to the terms as stipulated in the Student Residence Handbook.

E. Non-settlement of Fees or Charges

The University shall deduct any outstanding fees or charges from a resident's caution money.