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Features of Dr. Ng Tor Tai International House


OverviewRoom TypesFloor PlanIn-room Facilities & AmenitiesFees and PaymentApply for Student Residence *Important Note: Building Construction Works adjacent to NTTIH*

A. Overview

  • Located on the campus (Location Map)
  • Tranquil environment
  • 10 minutes' walk to Kowloon Tong MTR Station
  • About 15 minutes' travelling time by MTR to Tsim Sha Tsui or Central
  • Provision of a Student Common Room with food reheating and laundry facilities
  • Provision of two reading corners for students
NTT building


NTT building

Common Areas

B. Room Types

Room Types No. of Resident(s)
per Room
Usable Floor Area
Double Room 2 About 238 sq ft / 22 sq m
Single Room 1 About 196 sq ft / 18 sq m

C. Floor Plan

* There will be slight variations in room sizes and layouts.

D. In-room Facilities & Amenities

Furniture Bed, wardrobe, writing desk, chair and book case

Air-conditioner, mini-refrigerator, water heater, electric water kettle, television set, telephone and LAN cable

*User Guide for Internet Access in room


Residents will be provided with basic beddings including pillow, pillow case and bed sheet. Residents should bring along their blanket, daily use apparels and items. For details of in-room amenities, please click here.

E.  Useful Information and Forms