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A. Overview

  • A University-managed off-campus hostel 
  • Located in a town center Kowloon City with shops, restaurants, gardens and sports fields nearby (Location Map)
  • Tranquil environment
  • About 5-minute walk to bus stops nearby with bus routes accessible to different districts of Hong Kong
  • About 10-minute traveling time to University campus by mini-bus 25M (Bus stop in front of the main entrance of the building)
  • Use of cooking facilities in the flat

Photos of Student Residence at Carlson Court:



4-resident flat

4-resident Flat

B. Flat Type

  • 4-resident flat with 2 bedrooms
  • Usable floor area of each flat is about 367 sq ft or 34.1 sq m

C. Floor Plan

4-resident Flat

D. In-room Facilities & Amenities

Furniture Bunk-bed, wardrobe, kitchen shelf, drying rack, writing desk and chair
Facilities Air-conditioner, refrigerator, water heater, gas stove, electric fan, electric water pot, washing machine, microwave oven, modem and router
Amenities For details of in-room amenities, please click here.
E. Useful Information and Forms