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Important Dates on Bed Space Application

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3 + 2 Bachelor-cum-Master Programme Students, Taught Postgraduate & Research Postgraduate Students
Undergraduates (2)
Application Period (1) :
Early May to August 2018
March 2018
Payment Deadline:
Within 10 days upon receiving payment notification
May 2018
Bed Space Confirmation:
Within 10 days upon receipt of payment
Announcement of
Check-in Arrangement:
Late July to early August 2018
Earliest Check-in Date:
Student Residence at NTTIH
10-month Package: 27th August 2018
27th August 2018
1-year Package: 22nd August 2018
Off-campus Student Residence at Carlson Court
16th August 2018


  1. Due to the limited supply of bed spaces, UGC-funded full-time non-local Year 1 Undergraduate Students admitted to the 4-year cohort should indicate his / her wish to reside at on-campus student residence at Dr. Ng Tor Tai International House or off-campus student residence at Carlson Court in Year 2 of studies. An eligible student should put forth an application before the specified application deadline.
  2. (i) Applications for student residence shall be on a first-come-first-served basis.
    (ii) Before application, applicants are recommended to read the Admission Criteria and policies governing applications for student residence.