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Students Sharing of their Off-campus Living Experience

Students Sharing of their Off-campus Living Experience




袁冶                        YUAN Ye         






Carlson Count located in the Kowloon City District. During the seven to eight months of living, the biggest feeling was that there were a lot of restaurants and you can try all kinds of food in Kowloon City.                                                           

Now I live in Hung Hom District. It is very convenient as the bus station and MTR station were nearby.

When looking for an accommodation, I personally think that it is important to pay attention to the condition of the surrounding environment and whether the transportaion is convenient.                                                                                                                                                                                                            





ZHANG Lu       








When living in Kowloon City, a place equipped with all kind of facilities, we often cooked for ourself. This not only help saving up monies, but also eliminate our feeling of homesickness. After one year of living, I learnt to cook various of dishes, trained-up my independence and enjoyed very much the convenience of living.

Living in the off-campus accommodation managed by the University, the Off-campus Housing Team organised different activities for residents regularly. The first time I went out with my roommates was joining the activity "Tour@Kowloon City".  Later, the University organised an outdoor tour visiting to Sai Kung. The beach and Geopark were very beautiful. I shared the photo through WeChat and many friends believed that I was on vacation in Bali. The beaches in Hong Kong are very beautiful. After leaving Hong Kong, I miss such beautiful view very much and regretted that I did not visit other beautiful beaches as much as I can. 

Photo_Trip in HK