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Terms of Reference

  1. To monitor quality and adequacy of food and beverages provided by the caterer.
  2. To monitor hygiene of food and cleanliness of the cafeteria through regular and surprise inspection.
  3. To feedback to the SROC about the services of the caterer and the facilities provided in the cafeteria, and to suggest ways of improvement to the SROC for consideration.
  4. To review and approve any price adjustment request from the caterer of the food services.

Reporting Relationship

This sub-committee shall report to the Student Residence Operation Committee.

Frequency of Meeting

At least twice a year, before the meetings of Student Residence Operation Committee.

Membership Composition

One (1) Resident Master as appointed by Student Residence Operation Committee
Prof. Ricardo MAK
Secretary & Member
A Staff of Undergraduate Halls
Mr Christopher CHAN
Other Members
Student Housing Manager     
(To be appointed by Assistant Director of Student Affairs)
One (1) Resident Community Officer as appointed by Student Residence Operation Committee
Mr Terry CHAN
One (1) Staff Representative as co-opted by Chairperson
Miss Birdie HO
Two (2) Officers of each Hall Council as nominated by the Hall Councils
Mr TANG Chun Hin Scott (Cai)
Miss TSOI Ka Yan (Cai)
Miss CHAN Tsz Yan (Soong)
Miss CHUNG Tsz Ying (Soong)
Mr WONG Lap Boon Peter (Yang)
Mr CHEUNG Kwan Chiu (Yang)
Mr CHEUNG Chung Ho (Zhou)
Miss POON Man  (Zhou)
One (1) Hall Tutor from each Hall Nominated by Student Residence Operation Committee
Miss WONG Chau Nga (Cai)
Miss TAM Chung Yan (Soong)
Miss MOK Yuk Chi (Yang)
Miss NG Wai Sze Valerie (Zhou)
One (1) Representative from the Students' Union
Mr LUI Lok Hei
In Attendance
Representatives of the Caterer

Minutes of last two meetings of Sub-Committee on Food Services