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Hall Rules and Regulations Consultative Group

Terms of Reference

  1. To proactively solicit the views of the residents regarding the admission policy, Hall rules and regulations, and disciplinary procedures.
  2. To collate the views so gathered and report them to the Residence Life Committee for consideration.
  3. To consider any other item of business referred to it by the Residence Life Committee.

Reporting Relationship

The Consultative Group shall report to the Residence Life Committee.

Frequency of Meeting

At least twice a year, before the meetings of Residence Life Committee.
(as suggested by Internal Audit Office in respect of Student Discliplinary Procedures in 2009)

[Subject to emergence of any valid agenda item as maybe proposed by members and accepted by the Chairman]

Membership Composition

Student Housing Manager
(To be appointed by Assistant Director of Student Affairs)
Secretary & Non-Member
A staff member of the Undergraduate Halls as appointed by Student Housing Manager
Other Members
Two (2) Residents from each Hall nominated by the Resident Master
(to be appointed for a 1-year term)
Miss HUNG Man(Cai)
Mr CHEN Haoyang (Cai)
Mr MO Fei (Soong)
Miss TAN Yue (Soong)
Miss YANG Xinyi (Yang)
Mr CHAN Chun Wing (Yang)
Mr LAW Tsz Fung (Zhou)
Miss HO Kit Ying (Zhou)
One (1) Officer of each Hall Councils nominated by themselves
Miss CHENG Mei Yan (Cai)
Mr LEE Tsz Hin (Soong)
Mr CHOW Cheuk Sum (Yang)
Miss CHAN Lam Tager (Zhou)
One (1) Hall Tutor from each Hall nominated by the Residence Life Committee
Miss LEUNG Chi Lok (Cai)
Miss LO Yi Sin (Soong)
Mr HUI Lok Chi (Yang)
Miss LAI Mei Wai (Zhou)
In Attendance
A Resident Community Officer

Minutes for last two meeting of Hall Rules and Regulations Consultative Group